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BUSD School Board discusses funding, climate literacy, SPED


On Wednesday, May 3, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board convened and discussed topics including Climate Literacy education and showcase, budget cuts for the Responsibility, Integrity, Strength and Empowerment program, the low funding for Berkeley Technology Academy, and updates on the funding and development of the Special Education Program.  The Climate Literacy

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BUSD to face additional budget cuts due to lower enrollment


During the April 26th school board meeting, board members discussed the Berkeley Unified School District school budget for next year and the years following.

Admin works to update School Safety Plan


The California Education code mandates that all public schools annually submit an updated and reviewed Comprehensive School Safety Plan to the state by March 1.

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New member welcomed, chronic absenteeism data


On February 1, 2023, the Berkeley Unified School District Board Meeting was held in person for the first time since 2020. The directors gathered on the dais in front of the podium, and the meeting began with the usual roll call.

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School Board: New multilingual curriculum, budget summary


On December 14, the Berkeley Unified School District held their last board meeting of the year. The meeting included the welcoming of two new members, as well as presentations on ethnic studies classes, the superintendent’s future plans, the Multilingual Master program, and the district’s budget allocations.  At the beginning of the meeting, Jennifer Shanoski and

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School board: Literacy program update, two members retire


On Wednesday, November 30, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board meeting included an update on the recent dyslexia settlement, speeches by two board members who are stepping down this year, and recognition of Berkeley High School’s partnership with the Berkeley Fire Department.

Student Make up of the camp

School board: STEM camp, literacy action, bell schedule reform


The Berkeley Unified School District Board convened on the evening of Wednesday, October 12. Topics included a STEM maker camp for rising seventh to ninth grade BUSD students, a literacy settlement to support students with reading, and the controversial bell schedule redesign process.

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School board: SLP assessments and parking lot construction


  On Wednesday, September 7, The Berkeley Unified School District School Board convened, discussing compensation for teachers writing recommendation letters, speech language pathologist assessment limits, the 2021-22 Unaudited Actuals, and the Milvia Street Project.  During the public comment section of the meeting, several teachers spoke about the need to either financially compensate teachers for

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BUSD School Board discusses Bridge Program, new tardy policy, teacher recommendations, and mask enforcement


On Wednesday, August 24, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board convened, discussing topics including staff shortages within the Bridge Program, mask enforcement, new contracts for teachers, and the new tardy policy at Berkeley High School.

School Board Talks Black History Month, COVID-19 Measures


At its February 2 meeting, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board convened to commemorate this year’s Black History Month and review future steps regarding COVID-19 policies including mask mandates, testing, and employee vaccination requirements.

'Completely Unsustainable:' School Board Discusses Viability of In-Person School


On August 25, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board discussed the state of in-person school, a vaccine mandate for student athletes, and the importance of hiring a staff member to oversee COVID-19 protocols.

BUSD School Board Discusses Graduation, Teacher Healthcare, and Bridge Program


On Wednesday, May 5, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board met to discuss a variety of subjects, including the Berkeley High School Bridge Program, teachers’ healthcare costs, climate change, graduation plans, and the departure of Associate Superintendent Bajé Thiara.

BUSD School Board and Parents Reckon With Reopening


On April 14, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board met to discuss a range of issues, including on-campus learning at Berkeley’s elementary and middle schools, as well as the ongoing reopening process at Berkeley High School.

School Board Meeting Covers Reopening Plans, Anti-Asian Violence


The March 24 Berkeley Unified School District school board meeting included conversations about school reopening in the fall, possible reopenings later this school year, and the spike in violence against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community that has been observed over the past months.

The Berkeley Adult School

Berkeley Adult School Parking Lot to be Converted to BUSD Staff Housing


On Wednesday, February 17, the Berkeley Unified School District board made the decision to approve the parking lot of the Berkeley Adult School for a new initiative that would build as many as 110 homes for BUSD staff.  The cost of living in Berkeley, California, is 80 percent higher than the national average, according

Vaccine Roll Out and Reopening Plans Discussed at March 10 School Board Meeting


On the evening of March 10, the Berkeley School Board met to discuss a variety of topics. The principal among these was Superintendent Brent Stephens’ report on the progress towards reopening schools, and the immediacy of the district’s plans.

Carol Christ is the first female UC Berkeley chancellor.

Celebrating the Women of Berkeley


Carol Christ  Carol Christ joined the University of California Berkeley faculty in 1970. She was a teacher and an administrator until 2002, when she became the president of Smith College in North Hampton, Massachusetts.

Updated Reopening Requirements Presented at State of BUSD Meeting


On January 27, the annual Superintendent’s State of the District meeting was held from 6 PM to 8 PM through Zoom, and also broadcast live on YouTube.