Word on the Street

Word on the street: what is your favorite part of fall fashion?


Kelilah Newman-Anand, a freshman in Hive 6, loves a variety of autumn attire, but especially the snug and comfortable type. “Sweaters, and Doc Martens … boot-cut and flare jeans.

Margaux Vuillequez

Word On The Street: What are your predictions for this school year?


For junior Margaux Vuillequez, summer break brought a lot of positivity. “Personally, I feel very ready [for the school year]. Last year it really went downhill for me and I was behind on a lot of my classes … This summer really refreshed me … ” When asked about the students as a whole, Vuillequez

Word On The Street: Do You Experience Climate Anxiety?


Nathaniel Holmes, a junior in Academic Choice, said that climate change is not a source of anxiety in his everyday life. “I mean, it’s sort of just something you see on like the news and stuff every once in a while,” Holmes said.

Word on the Street: Where Do Students Get Their Fashion Inspiration?


Raphaella Laurence, a sophomore in Academic Choice says when it comes to her style, she likes to be herself. “Some days I’m like emo, and other days I’m like ‘Let’s dress up fancy’ and then other days I just want to wear my pajamas.

Nina Thompson

Word on the Street: 2021 Hopes and Resolutions


For Nina Thompson, a freshman in Universal Ninth Grade, “This new year doesn’t feel as big.” Because of the pandemic, gatherings and celebrations are prohibited, so Thompson noted, “Everything is just kinda fading into one big year, so I haven’t really paid much attention to resolutions….

Word on the Street: What’s Your Favorite Holiday Movie?


Holidays are full of joyous traditions and festive celebrations. Even during COVID-19, families can find ways to celebrate the holidays and practice their favorite rituals in the comfort of their home.

While the school board discusses the reopening of schools, Berkeley High School remains empty.

Word on the Street: Would You Return to School?


If the school board determines that school is safe to attend, would you go? June McNally, a freshman in Universal 9th Grade Hive 6, said, “I know nothing about science, but I would trust the people who know the most.