Amara Kapur



A watercolor illustration depicting four women of diverse backgrounds, encapsulated within soft, cloud-like shapes against a light blue background. The women are drawn close together, symbolizing unity and diversity, with features suggesting different ethnicities, including a woman wearing a hijab. The image conveys a sense of solidarity and intersectional feminism.

Intersectional feminism builds empathy, fosters critical change


Undervalued, untold, unappreciated, and marginalized groups of women across Berkeley High School are saying their voices need to be heard, and intersectional feminism is the way to accomplish this.

Art classes at private and public schools: Differing experiences


While Berkeley High School is the only comprehensive public high school in Berkeley, there are 148 private schools in Berkeley. Various factors distinguish student experiences in public schools from those in private schools, such as funding, technology, location, and class size.

Philip Halpern shows off his monstera tattoo.

Body art at BHS: Staff and student stories


Tattoos are a unique and permanent show of self expression that both students and staff display at Berkeley High School.  Some tattoos are large, some small, some have color, and some don’t.

Illustration of a person standing in the rain holding an umbrella.

Under rainy skies, students and staff weigh impact of the climate


As we grapple with the consequences of climate change, it shows just how vital the role of rain in our ecosystem is. Merideth Irby, a librarian at Berkeley High School who organized a climate justice and activist training last year, has been interested in climate change since college.

On Thanksgiving, some vegetarians eat meatless sides.

Dietary restrictions during the holidays


Certain students at Berkeley High School have different dietary restrictions that prevent them from eating some “classic” Thanksgiving foods: The roasted turkey, the warm mashed potatoes, or  sweet pecan pie.

Two students collaborate on a math problem.

Peer math tutoring program bonds students


In every Berkeley High School advanced math course, each student is required to tutor other students to get full credit in the class. According to Masha Albrecht, who teaches AP Calculus AB, it’s very helpful to the tutors and the tutees.