Amar Walker




Class of 2026

Amar Walker is a journalist on the BHS Jacket. She loves writing about anything, but is especially enthusiastic about the entertainment section. Amar also plays ultimate frisbee on the Berkeley High Hysteria team.

Marisol Marcucci holds up a necklace she made.

Female artists at BHS who do commissions


Many artists at Berkeley High School have found a way to turn their art into a commission-based form of income. Prints, jewelry, crochet, and digital art are all mediums in which students offer their services.

Submissions open for BHS Film Festival


“People should come see the show,” said junior Sophie Jacobs, a member of the Berkeley High School Film Festival Club. “We have a lot of talented people at the school, and our film program is really great.

Illustration of a Grammy award.

66th annual Grammys Awards in review 


The 66th annual Grammy Awards took place on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2024. With popular comedian Trevor Noah as the host, comedic relief was sprinkled between rounds of surprise, excitement, and disappointment.  Dua Lipa opened the show with the debut performance of her song “Training Season” and then “Houdini” with flashing and psychedelic lights.  Despite the

Drawing of Percy Jackson characters.

Percy Jackson TV series sparks excitement for longtime fans


The “Percy Jackson” movies are synonymous with disappointment for fans of the franchise. “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”, a popular book series by Rick Riordan, is about a boy that finds out he’s the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea.

BHS fashion is a blend of past and present


Fashion trends are inherently cyclical. Whether it’s the 90s or the 2000s that are back in style at the moment, they’ll always come and go. The clothing that students wear at Berkeley High School on a daily basis has endless inspiration from past decades.

Computer monitor covered with caution tape

The issue with canceling  streamable shows


Streaming services should not jump to conclusions before canceling TV shows. Show fanbases grow over time, and when new series that are growing in popularity get canceled, it can be really upsetting to viewers.

Illustration of hearts coming out of a book and floating near three people

Media love triangles draw teen viewers in


Tropes are a fundamental aspect of romance novels, whether it’s friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, grumpy x sunshine, or forbidden love. However, there’s one trope that is suffocatingly popular and just as chaotic: the love triangle.

There are musical notes surrounding a piece of paper, and below it, there are 2 stacks of monetary bills.

Concert prices skyrocket, is it still worth it?


The prices of concert tickets have been significantly increasing in the past years, and it’s getting to a point that is ridiculously expensive. In the early 2000s, the average price of a concert ticket was under $50.

Shoes of BHS


“I really wanted Birkenstocks, and I went to an outlet one time and they had a shoe store with a bunch of different shoes on super sale,” said Gracie Koch, a junior in Academic Choice.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour inspires BHS staff and students


“She’s an artist that other artists look up to,” said Lola Djavaherian, Berkeley High School senior.  Everyone knows her name. Beyoncé. On Aug.

Illustration of Karl Lagerfeld with sunglasses with flames in them and flashing lights behind him.

Controversial Met Gala theme spurs celebrity and fan outcry


On May 1, 2023, the annual Met Gala was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The theme was Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty. Celebrities from all over the world came to the Gala dressed “In Honor of Karl,” which varied from dress and attire simply inspired by his style to celebrities actually dressed

A painting of Bob Ross held by robot

Artificial intelligence steals techniques to fabricate new ‘art’


Would the Mona Lisa have been as popular if it was created by Artificial Intelligence? Consider people traveling from all over the world to the Louvre.

Elliott Martens, Myles Blazer, Nicolas Hernandez, and Calder Underwood perform on the street.

Busking in Berkeley: Student musicians navigate side hustles


At 7 p.m., downtown Berkeley is bustling, scattered with the melodious sounds of smooth jazz. Every song has its own story, and every person playing has their own story as well.

Word on the street: what is your favorite part of fall fashion?


Kelilah Newman-Anand, a freshman in Hive 6, loves a variety of autumn attire, but especially the snug and comfortable type. “Sweaters, and Doc Martens … boot-cut and flare jeans.

Romance reality TV shows fail to deviate from heteronormativity


Everyone has watched a dating reality TV show and wished that two of the contestants fell in love with each other. Sadly, this rarely happens, and it won’t improve if reality TV doesn’t change it’s exhaustingly boring heteronormative formula.