Amar Walker



Elliott Martens, Myles Blazer, Nicolas Hernandez, and Calder Underwood perform on the street.

Busking in Berkeley: Student musicians navigate side hustles


At 7 p.m., downtown Berkeley is bustling, scattered with the melodious sounds of smooth jazz. Every song has its own story, and every person playing has their own story as well.

Word on the street: what is your favorite part of fall fashion?


Kelilah Newman-Anand, a freshman in Hive 6, loves a variety of autumn attire, but especially the snug and comfortable type. “Sweaters, and Doc Martens … boot-cut and flare jeans.

Romance reality TV shows fail to deviate from heteronormativity


Everyone has watched a dating reality TV show and wished that two of the contestants fell in love with each other. Sadly, this rarely happens, and it won’t improve if reality TV doesn’t change it’s exhaustingly boring heteronormative formula.