Jonah Lachs

Author Tracy Moore came to the Bay Area Book Festival to promote her new book, The Fire She Fights.

Bay Area Book Festival Features Diverse Collection of Authors


If you were walking around Downtown Berkeley on the weekend of May 7, you may have stumbled upon the largest annual book festival in the Bay Area. Every year, the Bay Area Book Festival draws authors and readers to Berkeley from all across the country.

BTA serves as a resource base for BIS students.

Students Speak on Independent Study: Lonely or Liberating?


If you ask a Berkeley High School student about Berkeley Independent Study, you may draw blank stares. The BIS program allows BHS students to study and work outside of school while still getting the necessary credits to graduate.

Bilingual Students Seek Language Balance


“My dad used to speak Spanish to me, but he kind of forgot the language, so now we just speak English,” said Isa McKerley, a bilingual sophomore in Berkeley International High School.  As the most populous state in the country, California’s borders have historically been home to people from many different places.

Athlete Profile: Jude Rockafellow


Jude Rockafellow is a senior in Academic Choice and a member of the boys varsity basketball team at Berkeley High School. A power forward, Rockafellow’s experience with BHS basketball has been tumultuous.

Calder Underwood is a freshman interested in philosophy.

BHS Student Profile: Calder Underwood


Berkeley High School freshman Calder Underwood has found purpose in philosophy. He has begun to develop his own personal ideology in order to find deeper meaning in his everyday existence.

Sophomore Nasir Daniel takes a shot in a casual pick-up basketball game on the BHS campus.

Local Pick-up Games Inspire Camaraderie


Pick-up games are constantly running in parks around Berkeley, consisting of groups of people who come together — often spontaneously — in a public place to play sports.

Players on the Berkeley All Blues girls rugby program put on their game faces.

Berkeley All Blues Rugby Empowers Women in Contact Sports


Rugby, a sport strangely unfamiliar to so many Americans — considering our love for its athletic cousin-of-sorts, football — still has its own place in the pantheon of Berkeley High School clubs.

​​Mental Health Days Contribute to Stigma


Our world, and especially Berkeley, are becoming increasingly aware of the struggles that teenagers face on a daily basis — namely, their mental health.

The BHS girls waterpolo team plays against San Marin without masks.

BUSD Must Require Vaccines for Athletics and Extracurriculars


Although many students and staff are already vaccinated, some have yet to receive their first or second dose. Despite this, vaccinations still are not required for any students, particularly those who participate in athletics or other extracurriculars.