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Woman going for a layup as the next generation watches.

Bay Area gains its first two professional women’s teams, inspires athletes at BHS


This year, the Bay Area welcomed its first professional women’s team, sparking a wave of empowerment for young athletes, especially girls. Bay FC, a women’s professional soccer team in San Jose, has recently become part of the National Women’s Soccer League and played their first game on March 17, 2024.

Though screen usage is an issue for youth, this policy strictly restricts individual freedom.

China releases new youth cell phone policy: US must not follow


China recently announced an age-based screen time limit to cut down on children’s phone usage, raising the question of whether or not this policy will truly have positive effects.

Target is located on the corner of Shattuck Ave and Allston Way.

Downtown Berkeley stores’ bag policies negatively impacts BHS


The local Target near Berkeley High School has become an extremely popular and loved spot for students to buy food and necessities after school. But for a few years now, the security guards have enforced a new rule of leaving your backpacks outside when wanting to enter the store, to prevent any shoplifting.

Illustration depicting one

Free mental health resources are necessary


Berkeley, renowned for its cultural vibrancy and academic excellence, contends with a substantial homeless population of over 1,000, many of whom lack access to crucial mental health resources.

Testing can look different in every AP classroom.

AP class tests should stay unstandardized


AP classes have become a cornerstone of high school education, offering students the chance to engage in rigorous coursework, cover extensive material, and potentially earn college credit.

Fire alarms are located throughout all BHS school buildings.

What causes the frequent fire alarms at Berkeley High School?


With the new school year starting, Berkeley High School has already had several fire alarms go off. Many students and teachers assume that the cause of these situations is students pulling the alarm to get out of class.  “I believe the main causes are the students pulling the alarm to get out of class or