Ruby Freedman


Entertainment Editor


Class of 2023

Ruby Freedman is a senior at Berkeley High and is completing her second year of being an Entertainment editor. She truly just loves to be entertained and explore the creative side of journalism. Outside of the Jacket, she likes to mountain bike, go on adventures, and collage.

World Cup theme songs unify countries 


The 22nd FIFA World Cup just took place during November and December of 2022. A total of 32 teams started out in the competition, ultimately leaving Argentina with the trophy.  The World Cup happens every four years, each time in a different location with a new theme song.

BHS junior Simone Strader stands in front of a tree, looking downwards

Dressing on the gender spectrum: Students find growth through fashion and identity


“Especially as someone who’s struggled with dysphoria previously, I rarely feel it anymore,” said Ty Walthall, a junior at Berkeley High School.

A sewing machine sewing music notes

Criticism of sampling in hip-hop reveals bias in the industry


In art, unoriginality can actually spark innovation and creativity. Collage artists are known for repurposing other artists’ work to compose something new.

Personal Attacks or Harmless Gossip? When BHS Instagram Accounts Go Too Far


Students caught sleeping, making an ugly eating face, or parking badly may find themselves awarded 15 minutes of fame at Berkeley High School. This notoriety is thanks to the student-run Instagram accounts that are unofficially affiliated with BHS, such as @bhs.slump or @berkeleyhighfits.

Ongoing construction of the A-Building on the BHS campus.

Performing Arts Classes Adjust to New Theater Renovations


If you’ve set foot on Berkeley High School’s campus during the past year, you’ve likely heard the construction sounds from the A-Building on Allston Street.

BHS students attend a socially-distanced symphonic band rehearsal at the Jacket Stadium.

Performing Arts Classes Wrap Up The Year With Virtual Performances


When Berkeley High School students selected their courses for the 2020-21 school year back in the spring of 2020, they had no idea what they were in for.

What Are BHS Students Listening To?


Music, whether it is instrumental or vocal, solo artists or bands, is something that is widely enjoyed throughout humanity. It can bring people together, but during times of separation, it can also provide a great sense of individuality based on our respective musical preferences.

Berkeley Copwatch Holds Rally on Kayla Moore’s 50th Birthday


On April 17, Berkeley students and activists gathered in MLK Civic Center Park in honor of what would have been Kayla Moore’s 50th birthday, had she not died during an interaction with Berkeley police in 2013.

Lana Del Rey’s New Album Presents a Dated View of Feminism and Femininity


For much of her musical career, Lana Del Rey and her lyricism have again and again come under fire for sending out problematic messages. Some accuse her of romanticizing abuse, while others say her work is simply an artistic expression of the harsh realities women face.

The constant threat of harm and the possibility of pleasure presented by vampires makes even innocent shows like Twilight sexy to viewers.

Why Are We Attracted to Vampires?


Cannibalism is one of humanity’s rare areas of agreements: it is universally impermissible and offensive. Yet, despite this consensus, we’re completely obsessed with people sucking our blood.

‘Framing Britney Spears’ Reveals How Sexism Leads to Harmful Misconceptions


Britney Spears became a world renowned pop icon not only for her iconic tracks, but also for exploring sensuality in her dance style and music on an unprecedented level.

‘Malcolm and Marie’ Dives into the Complexity of Relationships


For as long as humanity has existed, conflict has always fascinated us, whether it’s between groups or on an individual level. In the world of cinema, almost any plotline has to do with winning, from the Avengers fighting supervillains to legal dramas that take on a new case every episode.

Performative Social Media Activism is Largely Unproductive


Social media activism has seen a massive increase in popularity and relevance during the past months, starting in the summer of 2020. Given the undeniable power of online movements, this is overall a great achievement.

To Escape Tumultuous Times, Viewers Flock to Period Dramas


It’s the end of the day, you are tired, overwhelmed, and all you want to do is sit down and escape reality through the TV. What better way to flee the demoralizing headlines of today’s world than to leave this time period all together?

BHS's Term System Must Be Adjusted to Preserve Students' Knowledge


At the beginning of this school year, many Berkeley High School students were grateful that they would not be forced to handle all six — or more — classes at once.

Facial recognition technology has been a popular addition to police departments around the US in recent years.

Implementing Surveillance Cameras in Berkeley Will Cause More Harm Than Good


The Berkeley Police Department’s $70 million makes up a substantial 45 percent of Berkeley’s general city budget. Consequently, it seems as if BPD would be adequately equipped to reduce crime.

Corporations like Uber poured $200 million into supporting Proposition 22 for their economic self-interests.

In Order to Promote Democracy, Corporations' Influence Must Be Regulated


Throughout history, the United States has always prided itself on one specific attribute: democracy. As citizens, we have the freedom to make our own decisions and use our rights to guide the country in desired directions.

binary comment

Mayor Jesse Arreguín Must Expand His Policies on Climate and Police


On November 3, Jesse Arreguín was re-elected as mayor of Berkeley. Winning 65 percent of the vote, it is clear that the majority of Berkeley voters found him to be the most qualified candidate.