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Class of 2023

Tobi Haims is enthusiastic about sustainable organic farming and loves being outside, especially hiking in Tilden with her dog. She also enjoys cooking, good movies, making art, and playing guitar (although she aspires to someday be really good at banjo).

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Planters Guide to the Galaxy

Features Column

Henry David Thoreau once wrote that, “heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” Humans can credit our very existence to soil, which is considered the cornerstone of life on earth as we know it today.

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Planters Guide To the Galaxy

Features Column

Though this column is about planting, it’s technically not about a plant. It is about a very special type of organism: the mushroom. Fungi are their own kingdom consisting of over 12 million species.

Unrealistic Media Ideals Lead to Negative Body Image for Men


“Chris Hemsworth from Thor: Ragnarok. That was my ideal body type for years. That was my goal,” said Gabriel Ross, a junior in Berkeley International High School.

Stigma of Female Masturbation: Why Don’t We Talk About It?


“I don’t want my mom telling me about all the time she masturbates,” said Adeline French, a senior at Berkeley High School. “But it would have been nice to have a conversation with her.”  French, like many women and femme identifying people, was never told that masturbating is normal, healthy, or a way to

The Social Media Experience Across Genders


The Jacket surveyed a sample of 368 students to explore the role of gender in the perception of social media among teens. Additionally, interviews gave students a space to share their views on social media and how it affects them personally.

Rally Day: Examining the Complicated History of The Controversial BHS Tradition


Rally Day at Berkeley High School, recently synonymous with mayhem and violence, has been going on for longer than almost anyone can remember. But the day that closes off spirit week was not always full of the bottle-throwing and partying it’s now known for.

Students’ phones are kept in pouches to curb use in class.

Should Teachers Resist or Adapt to Rising Phone Use in Class?


​​The debate on whether phones should be a part of the classroom is a fairly recent one, since smartphones haven’t been around that long. “I just don’t remember [phones] really being a problem, honestly, until Snapchat got really popular, which now feels like ages ago.

KZ Zapata is an AMPS teacher who hopes to expand the Latinx curriculum.

Latinx Diversity Emphasized in KZ Zapata’s BHS Classroom


Born in Berkeley and raised in Albany, KZ Zapata is “Bay Arean” through and through. “My father is from Peru so he’s from South America, and my mom is from here.

Diners sit down to enjoy their food at Imm Thai in Downtown Berkeley.

Sizzle & Spice: Imm Thai Thrills Patrons


Located in the heart of Downtown Berkeley, off the corner of University Avenue and Shattuck Avenue, lies Imm Thai Street Food, a lively yet cozy little restaurant.