Class discussions must remain impartial

​​It’s no surprise that both the City of Berkeley and Berkeley High School students are very left-leaning when it comes to politics. In the last presidential election, 79.83 percent of Berkeley voted democratically.

Can BHS afford to have sick students coming to school?

Waking up in the morning with a sniffle or a cough used to not be that big of a deal. You would take a couple DayQuil and head to school. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, showing up to school a little sick was pretty normal.

Students show their spirit by dressing in costume.

Why Halloween is truly for the imaginative

Every year on October 31, around Berkeley and throughout the country, excitement and elation fill the air. The day is like no other, magical in every way.

Homecoming tropical theme enables cultural appropriation

For Berkeley High School’s upcoming Tropical Homecoming Dance, it’s clear where the cultural appropriation crosses the line and where it doesn’t.

Young voters play a crucial role in elections.

National voting age at 16 is imperative for this generation

In the 2020 presidential election, only 51.4% of citizens ages 18 to 24 voted. Young people have the lowest voting turnout of any age group and this means that our beliefs aren’t being adequately represented in the government of this country.

UC top nine percent letters cause division 

Sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat, and a terrible dark haze that doesn’t let any rational thoughts through. Everyone’s been there, feeling scared of the future.

BHS must initiate the end to local gun violence now

In the early morning on October 8, Berkeley was shaken by another shooting near the University of California, Berkeley, leaving one person dead and three people wounded.

Teachers receive limited grants for classroom supplies

Teachers at BHS cannot afford to provide classroom supplies

Teachers’ wages have been an ongoing issue across the United States, and in Berkeley, many argue that people playing such a central part in our community deserve to be paid more fairly.

Academic competition provides students with a necessary push

As many of us can attest to, high school students put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed. The future is a daunting idea to entertain, and feeling the need to be perfect in school doesn’t help with this stress.

Auden Svoboda, Caelen Fry, Hazel Fosket-Hydes, and Konani Chinn work on a group project.

Group work, in practice, serves as sexist self-fufilling prophecy

“It’s convenient,” Stella Wellborn, a senior at Berkeley High School, said when describing group projects. Group projects are a tool for teachers to grade less and teach less.

AP curriculum must not be disregarded

Many Berkeley High School  students have had a teacher who begins the year by stating that they don’t like the Advanced Placement curriculum and therefore won’t be teaching it.

Teaching global viewpoints at BHS will benefit all students

If you asked the majority of Americans what the Revolutionary War was, they would probably be able to tell you that it was the United States’ fight for independence against the British.

District-wide drug education will save lives

Last year 1,146 teenagers died as a result of a drug overdose in America, and it is reported that 1 in every 7 teenagers has a substance abuse disorder according to American Addiction Centers.

Is Homecoming Royalty an antiquated tradition?

PRO After a long-time absence of school-wide dances, Berkeley High School’s Homecoming dance will be held this year. On top of the school-wide surprise regarding the return of the beloved dance, many students find themselves deeply excited.

Passive acceptance of bad teachers is unacceptable

Every student has had a bad teacher. If they don’t, they probably know at least five less lucky students. In any case, it’s unlikely that a student has managed to dodge a “bad teacher” throughout their academic career — that teacher who seems to be learning the material with everyone else, has a complete lack

Latinx studies creates space for understanding at BHS

For some white students, it can be an unlikely choice to take a Latinx studies course because some may feel it’s not for them. To imagine walking into a class in which you are obviously an outsider is scary, but perhaps the point.  As a culture-based set of courses, Latinx studies classes are focused on

A senior in a "seniors" shirt with red eyes behind a shorter student holding a piece of paper

Senior pride: A privilege game

“SENIORRRSS! SENIORRRSS!” The chant rings loud through the hallways as students pack together like a herd of sheep. A rancid smell washes over the walkway, eggshells and other miscellaneous items littering the ground.

Fear tactics have no place in education

Students spend a minimum of 720 hours in school every year. Every change and event in a child’s life during the school year reverberates around classroom walls and is felt by those surrounding them.