A senior in a "seniors" shirt with red eyes behind a shorter student holding a piece of paper

Senior pride: A privilege game

“SENIORRRSS! SENIORRRSS!” The chant rings loud through the hallways as students pack together like a herd of sheep. A rancid smell washes over the walkway, eggshells and other miscellaneous items littering the ground.

Fear tactics have no place in education

Students spend a minimum of 720 hours in school every year. Every change and event in a child’s life during the school year reverberates around classroom walls and is felt by those surrounding them.

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Administration transparency is vital in ensuring BHS safety 

Many Berkeley High School students vividly remember when they first read about a bomb threat on BHS campus. Students were shocked to realize Berkeley Unified School District, along with the Berkeley Police Department, had been investigating the threat during the prior week, and members of BUSD had been told that the suspect “did not pose

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The dangers of cancel culture

We’ve all seen it happen before, when the ruthless whip that is cancel culture knocks down yet another teenage internet celebrity. When a video from years ago of your favorite TikTok dancer singing racial slurs surfaces, suddenly that individual must be removed from the internet.

Illustration: A group of students sit around a table, with a brick wall around it

BHS clubs must be all-inclusive

Berkeley High School’s  seemingly endless list of clubs is a representative microcosm and point of pride for the school. There are a multitude of clubs for every hobby, culture, food item, and niche interest, even branching into single articles of clothing.

A backpack, with papers flying out, next to a stack of books, shoes, and a soccer ball

Informed citizenship begins with keeping up with the news

​​It often feels like so much is going on in the world that it is nearly impossible to keep up with all the “breaking news”. But is staying up to date really worth the trouble?

Activists have gathered to resist UC Berkeley’s development on People’s Park.

People’s Park must remain crucial pillar of Berkeley community

Berkeley’s very foundation as a city is rooted in activism on behalf of marginalized people. Since it’s revolutionary protests surrounding the anti-War, Free Speech, and Civil Rights movements of the 1960s, Berkeley has remained a haven for those fighting for a more equitable and peaceful world.

College admissions process drives students away from college

As Berkeley High School returns to the new school year, a fresh senior class begins the infamous college admissions process, and the class of ‘23 can already feel the stress of the long path before them.

Many students are overwhelmed by the end of the year.

Teachers Must Remain Considerate During End of Year

The end of the school year is a time of immense stress for many students. Over the course of the preceding two semesters, large projects and tests most likely came up sporadically, as a class finished a particular unit or area of study.

Oppression Olympics Further Racial Disparity

The artificial construction of race is a spectrum, parallel to the scale of oppression, where, in both the United States and Berkeley High School, Asian Americans have historically fallen into a marginalized gray area between privilege and maltreatment.

AAPI name pronounciation is often neglected by teachers.

Importance of AAPI Name Pronunciation

We’ve all experienced that awkward moment in class, especially at the beginning of the school year, when a teacher fumbles over a name during roll call.

Gender Neutral Restrooms Need Upkeep

Bathrooms at Berkeley High School are a disaster. Anyone who’s ever used — or attempted to use — a bathroom at BHS knows about the lack of soap, the missing paper towels, the sticky floors, unflushed toilets, and broken stalls.

The Fetishization of Asian Women: A Global Issue

The fetishization of East Asian women can easily go unnoticed, especially in a city as liberal as Berkeley. However, everyday, East Asian women are stripped of their humanity.

Redefining Chivalry: Truly Selfless Acts or Perpetuation of Toxic Masculinity? 

Society has been patriarchal for over ten thousand years, but as times change, so should society. In the past, the accepted role for a man was to protect his family, and the job of a woman was to take care of the family.

Career Path Freedom Is Essential for Youth

What should I do with the rest of my life? This is a question that high school students at Berkeley High School and across the world wrestle with. At an age punctuated by growth and uncertainty, planning for the future can feel like an insurmountable task.

Coping With Grief and Trauma After BHS’s Loss

After a Berkeley High School student’s death on April 18, some students and staff are processing grief and learning how to best take care of themselves and support each other.  BHS intervention counselor Jasdeep Malhi believes it’s vital that students communicate how they’re feeling to their teachers in order to receive the support they

Berkeley Reparations Process Must Work to Counter Systemic Racism in Schools

On March 22, Ben Bartlett, a Black Berkeley resident and city council member, initiated the first formal step in issuing reparations to Black residents in the city of Berkeley.

Californians Need to Defend the Rights of LGBTQ+ Youth

California has long been known as one of the most liberal places in the world, and a place that has historically served as a safe haven for LGBTQ+ people.