A woman embodying the male gaze with eyes staring at her.

Women must find empowerment free of male gaze

The male gaze has objectified and sexualized women throughout history. The media consistently sets expectations about how women are meant to look and act, which ingrains these ideas into society.

Unhealthy foods presented in poison.

Healthy eating culture in Berkeley has damaging effects on teens

Berkeley, as a very progressive city, has long been at the forefront of new ways to eat, specifically ways to eat healthily. From all-organic to keto, vegan, gluten-free, and a whole host of others, Berkeley has seen it all when it comes to diets.

A student overwhelmed with math.

Student access to IEP and 504 plans must be improved at BHS

In all environments, particularly academic ones, there is not always a general plan suitable for all different kinds of people and learners. This is why more specific and specialized plans such as 504s and Individual Education Plans are necessary to provide a comfortable, effective learning environment for all students so that they can thrive.

Sexual assault allegations treated like gossip at BHS

At Berkeley High School, the ways in which sexual assault accusations are shared vary. In some cases, it’s directly from the survivor, like during the 2020 walkouts.

Women in scientific fields

Fighting for women in STEM field is vital

Women make up half of the United States population, but only make up about a third of STEM jobs. Women in STEM are only paid 89 cents per every dollar paid to their male counterparts.

A woman hiding from staring eyes

Women's fear of men deserves validation

When a little kid is bitten by a dog, it’s understandable that they might be scared of all dogs from then on. When one hears about someone else being bitten by a dog, it’s understandable for them to be scared of all dogs from that moment on.

Students holding hands in a circle

BHS should require community service hours for the benefit of all

Some high schools across the country require students to complete a certain amount of community service in order to graduate. However, at Berkeley High School, students do not have to complete this requirement.

A student watching violent content on their phone.

The media overexposes teens to violence, causing mental strain

Violence in the media is deeply prevalent and is often pushed on people from a very young age. In middle school, students may begin to read and watch sci-fi books or movies where violence turns against other people.

A scale with different proffesions on either side.

Glorification of select career paths limits student happiness

Picture a lawyer passionately defending a client who was falsely accused of a crime, a firefighter bravely battling the flames of a California wildfire, or a calm, cool, and collected doctor saving a patient’s life.  There’s no doubt that each of these professions are deeply necessary and valuable to society, but it’s important to note

Women must value interpersonal relationships

Perhaps the most devastating oppressive strategy used against people subject to maltreatment is uprooting camaraderie within them. As women, straightforward connections with each other have been complicated by the patriarchy, weaving a toxicity into the formulaic thought patterns of which we extend human compassion.

Student Studies on laptop, surrounded by work.

March's endless grind: How to manage it

Nothing happens in March. Though home to Women’s History Month, St. Patricks Day, and the National Latin exam, the thing that makes March secretly unique is the fact that there are zero non-weekend days off throughout the month, leaving Berkeley High School students endlessly wandering the halls for five-day weeks and yearning for the weekends.

people drowning at the feet of a man and a woman.

Misconstrution of  feminism harms BHS

Women’s autonomy, sexual liberation, and a supposed “kill all men” mentality are ideas often used to villainize feminism. The word feminism is commonly misconstrued to mean women’s independence from men, and even women’s superiority.

BHS SHIFT program displays the necessity of sex education

Every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. Part of what contributes to this problem is a lack of sex education. Currently, under the U.S. Federal Law, there are no set standards for sexual health education.

A gate to a university.

HBCUs over Ivies: The value for Black students

“I gained confidence from HBCUs … At Berkeley High, I was in the Advanced Math program all the way from freshman year to junior year, and I always felt extremely ostracized,” said Rayna Carter, a BHS alum and current junior at Howard University.

A gun in one hand, and a pencil in the other.

The fight to end gun violence should not fall on highschoolers

Gun violence is an issue that affects all people and generations, including children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly, which does not mean it should be left for only younger generations to deal with.

Anti-racism takes restructuring of  ‘professionalism’

In response to protests following the death of George Floyd, organizations like General Motors, Salesforce, and Citi pledged to diversify their spaces and support underrepresented employees.

The earth in an hour glass

Grappling with irreversible climate change

Climate change could become irreversible as soon as 2030. The United Nations estimates that drought alone could displace 700 million people by then. In order to avoid permanent climate effects, countries will have to decrease global emissions by 43 percent before 2030.  But few countries have taken significant enough steps towards reaching this goal,

Class options menu icons

Electives are crucial for student growth

Cambridge Dictionary defines the word “elective” as “a subject that someone chooses to study, in addition to the subjects that they have to study.” Berkeley High School has offered elective courses for years, and as long as schools continue to give students the freedom to select certain classes, students will