Redefining Chivalry: Truly Selfless Acts or Perpetuation of Toxic Masculinity? 

Society has been patriarchal for over ten thousand years, but as times change, so should society. In the past, the accepted role for a man was to protect his family, and the job of a woman was to take care of the family.

Career Path Freedom Is Essential for Youth

What should I do with the rest of my life? This is a question that high school students at Berkeley High School and across the world wrestle with. At an age punctuated by growth and uncertainty, planning for the future can feel like an insurmountable task.

Coping With Grief and Trauma After BHS’s Loss

After a Berkeley High School student’s death on April 18, some students and staff are processing grief and learning how to best take care of themselves and support each other.  BHS intervention counselor Jasdeep Malhi believes it’s vital that students communicate how they’re feeling to their teachers in order to receive the support they

Berkeley Reparations Process Must Work to Counter Systemic Racism in Schools

On March 22, Ben Bartlett, a Black Berkeley resident and city council member, initiated the first formal step in issuing reparations to Black residents in the city of Berkeley.

Californians Need to Defend the Rights of LGBTQ+ Youth

California has long been known as one of the most liberal places in the world, and a place that has historically served as a safe haven for LGBTQ+ people.

Reclaiming Derogatory Terms for Women

To be bossy, demanding, and unapologetic makes a leader out of a man and a c*nt out of a woman. Women should aspire to have those attributes and the title that comes with them, unlearning everything they’ve been taught about how to act and who to be.

A students looks at a heavily-edited photograph of an influencer on Instagram.

BHS Students Must Examine
Social Media More Critically

When it comes to social media literacy, Berkeley High School’s ninth grade Ethnic Studies and Social Living curriculum barely scratches the surface, only broadly covering topics such as cyberbullying and social media’s effects on the brain.

It’s Time to Broaden Our Definition
of Diversity at BHS

As the world’s most highly immigrant-populated country, the US is a nation with high levels of diversity in regards to culture, race, and ethnicity.

Women’s Studies Would Benefit Students

Throughout the educational system, courses focused on the history and achievements of historically oppressed groups have never been the status quo. In recent years, as American public school systems have become more aware of the history of marginalized communities in the United States, Berkeley High School has increased discussions and dedicated more classes to

Teens’ Online Privacy Must Be Protected

Most students have seen sponsored content before — it’s present in almost every corner of the internet. Whether it takes the form of a banner ad or a post by an influencer, it’s becoming harder and harder to understand what is or isn’t an ad, and how our data is used.

WWIII Jokes Understate Ukraine Tragedy

Since February 24, the media has been flooded with coverage of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Among this coverage, however, have been jokes and memes — largely from Americans — poking fun at the tragedy.

Beneficial or Performative: Should Politicians Publicly Volunteer?

PRO By Ohad Aviran-Finkelstein The actions of celebrities and politicians have massive effects on society. Although many public figures have taken their power for granted and used it to make little to no difference, other public figures have used their power to make a significant impact, working for the betterment of society.

It’s About Time to Reconsider Porn

In the last 15 years, pornography has become more accessible than a bag of potato chips. In this same time frame, the rate of teen sex has dropped significantly.

A BHS student completes mandatory tutoring in the library by teaching a peer.

Peer Tutoring Requirement Benefits All 

At Berkeley High School, many advanced classes require students to tutor for lower-level classes in order to receive a grade of A. While it can be argued that “required volunteer hours” is an oxymoron, there are many benefits to having advanced students tutor their peers.

Letter to the Editor: Economic Disparity Feeds Education Gap

I am very encouraged by the number of excellent articles and opinion pieces in the Jacket this year, which have questioned the status quo at BHS! In particular, as a math teacher, I applaud “BHS Math Must Support Black Students.”

Prom Exclusion Policy Is Discriminatory

After nearly two years without any community-building events, Berkeley High School will finally host a long-awaited prom, to be held at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria on March 19.

Finding Common Ground on Cursing

At Berkeley High School, it is not uncommon for teachers to curse. While some teachers would never dream of using profanity in front of a classroom of students, others punctuate their lectures with expletives.

Should Students Choose Their History Course Curriculums?

Berkeley High School requires students to attend a history class every year, which can be anything from Ethnic Studies to AP Government. However, many of the required history courses simply cover a narrow range of American or world history.