Study halls allow students to do work during school hours.

A built-in study hall period would help all students at BHS

A good education is a fundamental right that all students deserve. However, due to differences in race, gender, and socioeconomic status, not all students have access to the resources they need to achieve academic success.

Illustration of five different people, three of which wearing school uniforms and the other two wearing whatever they want.

Dress codes perpetuate sexism and prevent self-expression: It is time for change

According to a study by OCAD University, 73 percent of Gen Z believe they need more self-expression to live a happy, healthy life. Self-expression can come in many forms, one being appearance.

Illustration depicting one

Free mental health resources are necessary

Berkeley, renowned for its cultural vibrancy and academic excellence, contends with a substantial homeless population of over 1,000, many of whom lack access to crucial mental health resources.

Stacked books to represent the difference in grade reading levels between white and black students.

It's time to bridge the gap: BHS and local government must collaborate to close the opportunity gap

According to a study from Stanford University, Berkeley Unified School District has had one of the worst opportunity gaps, sometimes known as an achievement gap, in the nation since it was integrated in 1968.

Illustrations of two people talking next to a large piggy bank with a lock on it.

BHS clubs need access to BUSD funding

Berkeley High School offers over 100 registered, student-run clubs. From the StageCraft club, which seeks to raise funds to support on-campus productions, to the Supporting Girls Education club, which strives to monetarily support organizations furthering female education, many of these clubs require funding.

Testing can look different in every AP classroom.

AP class tests should stay unstandardized

AP classes have become a cornerstone of high school education, offering students the chance to engage in rigorous coursework, cover extensive material, and potentially earn college credit.

Illustration of a red ballon shaped like an "A" being inflated.

Grade inflation impairs student growth

Grade inflation is where a student’s given grade is higher than the grade they “deserve.” Typically, this results in a higher average GPA across the class, since everyone in that class has had their grade increased.

A person in a beach chair surrounded by floating homework sheets.

Homework free breaks help student stress

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or winter break, many students find that a large amount of their time during school breaks is spent doing homework or studying.

A blue alarm clock ringing, with a person trying to grab the minute hand.

Daylight savings harms youth, must end

Twice a year, millions of Americans change their clocks in accordance with “spring forwards” and “fall backwards.” This unnecessary time switch leads to a variety of damaging consequences for youth.

Online activism must not become performative

Perhaps the most crucial byproduct of social media, amid many detrimental effects on our society, is online activism. Social media provides a platform that enables activists and social movements to grow on a mass scale, aiding to both social and political change.  However, as online activism has gained traction, a complicated expectation has arisen; an

One side of the image has a student who

Testing costs lead to financial strain,  adjustment  is needed

Around 60 percent of all students at Berkeley High School take an Advanced Placement exam each year. These exams are quite expensive for many students, as some may want to take more than one exam.

Ashby BART station, where new affordable housing is planned for the parking lot.

Ashby BART’s new energy substation plan harms locals

South Berkeley locals may have heard of plans for new affordable housing units, which are to be built in the space that is now the parking lot of the Ashby BART station.

How I see it: Neurodiverse at BHS

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by all the sensory stimuli around me, such as slamming doors, shrieks of laughter, overhead light bulbs, and blaring music.

An illustration of a string instrument, a football, a paintbrush, and a photo.

Extracurriculars lead to personal growth 

Getting into college is becoming harder and harder. With prestigious colleges often averaging less than a 10 percent acceptance rate, students may feel the need to take as many AP classes as they can and get the best grades possible, in order to maximize their chances of acceptance.

An illustration of a science laboratory.

Zero period offers valuable opportunities

The thought of zero period often elicits a sigh of frustration from the students of Berkeley High School. Students may wonder if zero period, which involves waking up early and an additional hour of school, really worth it?

Many BHS students take AC Transit buses to school daily.

Students late due to public transit should not be marked tardy

It’s not easy to be in your seat at 8:30 a.m. sharp every morning when the bell rings. There’s a lot to do before school each day, and being marked tardy because your AC Transit bus or BART train ran late is never a good start to a day.

Depop is a popular online thrifting platform.

Online thrifting creates a pathway to a more ethical fashion  industry

In recent years, our community has witnessed the rise of online thrifting. Companies like Depop, ThredUp, and TheRealReal have gained immense popularity as interest in buying second hand clothes has spiked.

Illustration of kids

Having social media too early harms youths' mental health

Social media: You have it, your siblings have it, your mom has it. At this point, your dog probably has its own Instagram. However, despite it’s massive popularity, social media can cause great harm to youth.