Teachers of color must be supported inside US schools

The mistreatment of teachers of color in the U.S. dates back to the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education U.S. Supreme Court ruling. In the Brown v. Board ruling, the U.S.

Teachers of color must be supported inside US schools 

The mistreatment of teachers of color in the U.S. dates back to the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education U.S. Supreme Court ruling. In the Brown v. Board ruling, the U.S.

Students require resources to build stress-relieving and coping skills

From uncomfortable interactions with sworn enemies to lectures from authority figures, Students are often put into situations they’d rather not be in.

California serves as model for free lunch programs

Free school lunch at Berkeley High School is utilized and appreciated by a wide array of its students. Its permanent free price tag plays a crucial role in terms of accessibility of meals.

Military recruiters target low-income students in the US

In 1973, the United States Selective Service announced the end of the draft, marking the U.S. Military’s shift to an all-volunteer service. Since then, the military branches have relied on recruitment to help fill their ranks.

All BHS classes should utilize active learning

What does a successful classroom look like? Is it a teacher standing at the front giving a lecture, or is it more similar to students sitting together at a table, discussing ideas, asking questions, or completing a project?

Academic pressure is harming  BHS's sick students

If one looks around Berkeley High School, it’s easy to see that students are coming to school while ill. In most classrooms, you’ll hear at least a few coughs and sneezes, student voices scratchy with the beginnings of a cold or flu.

Women must value interpersonal relationships

Perhaps the most devastating oppressive strategy used against people subject to maltreatment is uprooting camaraderie within them. As women, straightforward connections with each other have been complicated by the patriarchy, weaving a toxicity into the formulaic thought patterns of which we extend human compassion.

Lack of substitute teachers burdens BUSD educators

In recent years, Berkeley High School has grappled with a severe substitute shortage, which began during the pandemic. BHS students are no strangers to being greeted by vacant classrooms with no substitute available.  Becoming a substitute requires a four-year college degree, a California Basic Educational Skills Test pass certificate, and the patience to handle students’

BHS must initiate the end to local gun violence now

In the early morning on October 8, Berkeley was shaken by another shooting near the University of California, Berkeley, leaving one person dead and three people wounded.

Passive acceptance of bad teachers is unacceptable

Every student has had a bad teacher. If they don’t, they probably know at least five less lucky students. In any case, it’s unlikely that a student has managed to dodge a “bad teacher” throughout their academic career — that teacher who seems to be learning the material with everyone else, has a complete lack

Fear tactics have no place in education

Students spend a minimum of 720 hours in school every year. Every change and event in a child’s life during the school year reverberates around classroom walls and is felt by those surrounding them.

Oppression Olympics Further Racial Disparity

The artificial construction of race is a spectrum, parallel to the scale of oppression, where, in both the United States and Berkeley High School, Asian Americans have historically fallen into a marginalized gray area between privilege and maltreatment.

Coping With Grief and Trauma After BHS’s Loss

After a Berkeley High School student’s death on April 18, some students and staff are processing grief and learning how to best take care of themselves and support each other.  BHS intervention counselor Jasdeep Malhi believes it’s vital that students communicate how they’re feeling to their teachers in order to receive the support they

It’s About Time to Reconsider Porn

In the last 15 years, pornography has become more accessible than a bag of potato chips. In this same time frame, the rate of teen sex has dropped significantly.

Black History Month Activism Is Too Performative

At the beginning of February, for the fifth year in a row, Target released their “Black Beyond Measure” clothing line for Black History Month. The line consists of clothing pieces preaching sayings like “Radiate Black Joy” and “Noire Icon.”  While the sentiment is most definitely there, these T-shirts and sweatshirts blasted on the front of

BHS Humanities Classes Deserve More Prioritization

The humanities teach us about each other — about how to understand one another and how to understand the world. And yet, they are undoubtedly losing status in education.

Personal Attacks or Harmless Gossip? When BHS Instagram Accounts Go Too Far

Students caught sleeping, making an ugly eating face, or parking badly may find themselves awarded 15 minutes of fame at Berkeley High School. This notoriety is thanks to the student-run Instagram accounts that are unofficially affiliated with BHS, such as @bhs.slump or @berkeleyhighfits.