Susi Lopex teaches Spanish at BHS

DÌa de Los Muertos fosters remembrance and celebration


Día De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, was celebrated throughout Latin American countries and communities on the first two days of November. At Berkeley High School, an altar was constructed in the C Building, honoring three students who passed away earlier this year.According to Susi Lopez, a BHS Spanish teacher, the school has

LatinX assembly dance performance

Latinx Heritage Month assembly features dance and spoken word


On October 19, 2022, Berkeley High School held a Latinx Heritage Month Assembly at the Little Theater with around 220 students in attendance. Students and leaders of BHS’s Latines Unidos Club, Ivan Cuatlatl-Tello, Paola Bedolla García, and Jasmine Moreira-Cortés, along with literature teacher Amanda Moreno, organized the event.  According to Cuatlatl-Tello, the assembly was hosted

A Brazillian Soccer Player

Soccer rooted in Latin culture 


Natalia Quezada Hernandez, a senior at Berkeley High School, has played soccer since eight years old, and it has surrounded her since.  Upon its arrival to Latin America in the late 1800s, soccer became a sport that brings families together and influences children growing up in Latin households.  Being a Latina soccer player, Quezada Hernandez

People Protesting

Shift in Ethnic Studies teaching better represents Latinx culture


“People of all colors together united to fight for this department in San Francisco State and UC Berkeley, and later in high school,” said Menaka Gentle, Ethnic Studies teacher for Hive 6 of the Universial Ninth Grade.

The non-profit is located at the James Kinney Community Center in Berkeley, and provides bilingual education and full-time childcare.

BAHIA, Inc. Bridges Communities Through Bilingual Education


Students sit at tables and play Uno, their sandals tapping the floor. Large groups are ushered across streets and down sidewalks to the community pool where they learn to swim.

La Rambla, Barcelona, where tourists and locals alike crowd the scenic street. In Spain, foreign language classes start in kindergarten.

Foreign Language Classes Suffer From Lack of Focus and Real World Connection


Americans are notoriously bad at learning foreign languages, with less than thirty percent of the US population being multilingual. Although two to three years of foreign language are recommended for college eligibility, every student that graduates from Berkeley High School is only required to take one year of a foreign language.  Having been placed

Juana Alicia taught Berkeley High School students in the

Muralist Juana Alicia Inspires Social Change Through Provoking Public Art


Art comes in many forms. Paintings, lined up on a blank wall at a museum, spotlighted sculptures in crowded galleries, a photographed bowl of fruit above someone’s kitchen table.

Celebrity Artist Profile: Yalitza Aparicio


Yalitza Aparicio rose to worldwide fame when, as an unknown, she was cast in the lead role of the 2018 highly acclaimed film, Roma. Born and raised in the small agricultural town of Tlaxiaco, Mexico, Aparicio has been able to venture far beyond the expectations placed on her as an indigenous Oaxacan woman and the

Picante, one of Berkeley

Berkeley Restaurant Spotlight: Best Latinx Eateries


Picante Picante is a Berkeley classic, and to this day it remains one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Bay Area. Located on 6th street, Picante offers open seating and an outdoor space — both of which are currently closed due to COVID-19.  Smelling perpetually of fresh tortillas, the restaurant is known for its

Latin American Entertainment Industry Deeply Impacted by COVID-19


“Lo que no me mata, me alimenta” literally translates to, “What doesn’t kill me, nourishes me.” Idioms, much like pandemics, span across every nation.

To Achieve Unity, Latinx Community Must Acknowledge Complex Identities


October is Chicanx Latinx Heritage month, which rightfully brings forth a lot of pride and celebration. During this month, all people who identify as Latinx are encouraged to represent their unique and diverse identities, while remembering the history and struggles behind them.

Music From Latin America Acts as a Form of Cultural Resistance


Latin America’s vibrant history includes stories of horrific oppression, then powerful resistance. Thus, many and varied musical styles have developed over time as a form of cultural defiance.

Hispanic Engineers and Scientists Club Works to Diversify STEM


With Hispanic people constituting 20 percent of the United States population, the fact that they make up only 5 percent of employees in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields is concerning.

Alejandro Menjivar is a senior and co-president of the Latinx Unidos Club.

Latinx Unidos Club Prepares Celebration for Chicanx/Latinx Heritage Month


For Chicanx/Latinx Heritage Month, the Berkeley High School Latinx Unidos club is altering their yearly tradition by sending out a video showcasing Latinx culture to the entire high school.   The club aims to send the video out by the last week of Chicanx/Latinx heritage month, which is the third week of October.

La Peña Cultural Center, located in Berkeley, serves as a community gathering place through music, dance, and food.

Bay Area Dance Studios Bring Together the Latinx Community


“Dance and celebration, in marginalized cultures is a way of rebellion and of strength,” said Jamaica Itule-Simmons. “It’s religion, it’s tradition, it’s identity, it’s people’s lives and how they relate to each other and how they interact with each other.” Itule-Simmons is the executive director of CubaCaribe, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, whose

Identity-Based Support Groups Would Benefit the Broader Student Body


High school can feel really lonely. Though you would think that more people would result in more potential friends, it can be challenging to find community and solidarity in the vast sea of students that is Berkeley High School.

Latinx Athletes Shine in Professional Sports Worldwide


Mariana Pajón Mariana Pajón, a BMX rider, is arguably the greatest Colombian athlete of all time. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, she was selected to be the flag bearer for her country, and went on to win Colombia’s only gold medal of the games.

Student-Submitted Poems for Latinx Heritage Month


A Recipe for Rice and Beansby Anna Pelegrino My people are the sizzle of garlic frying  Loud, intense, and full of flavor Yelling at each other from another room In intertwining phrases of English and Portuguese  The oil spits as you stir  my people are that wooden spoon, When tia asks you to taste for