Rally Day

Seniors rally outside of the A building.

Red and Gold Day: Crowds of students celebrate Jacket pride 


Berkeley High School celebrated Red and Gold Day, previously known as Rally Day, on Friday, Oct. 20, 2023. On Red and Gold Day, the BHS campus is transformed into a sea of red and gold, as students and teachers alike celebrate school spirit.

Rally Day tradition continues amid administration caution, student spirit


On November 4, the BHS community concluded spirit week with its celebration of Rally Day. Earlier that week, BHS Vice Principal Tammy Rose sent out an email to all BHS staff and students, describing her hopes for the event.

Unity Week is an annual week of costumes and fun at BHS. Each day, the week has a different theme, ending in "Rally Day" on Friday.

‘Too deep of a tradition’: BHS Unity Week sparks concern, excitement


This past week, Berkeley High students participated in a Unity Week where the entire school cohesively dressed a certain theme each day. Many students, teachers, and faculty were both excited and worried for this week.

Rally Day: Examining the Complicated History of The Controversial BHS Tradition


Rally Day at Berkeley High School, recently synonymous with mayhem and violence, has been going on for longer than almost anyone can remember. But the day that closes off spirit week was not always full of the bottle-throwing and partying it’s now known for.

Will Staff Shortages Impact Rally Day?


The words “Rally Day” bring up controversy in the minds of many at Berkeley High School. Marking the end of Spirit Week, Rally Day is meant to be a time for students to gather together and show pride for BHS.

Rally Day Can Be Had Without Hate or Violence


Each year, teachers and administrators at Berkeley High School become increasingly tense as the days count down to Red and Gold Day, otherwise known as Rally Day.