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'Uplifting, representing': Local Theaters attempt to diversify


“The why of it is really important, just as a baseline,” said Liz Lisle, managing director at Shotgun Players, a Berkeley community theater. “Acknowledging that there’s a legacy that we really have to undo, in order to support people of color around here and make the theater feel like a place where many people of

A gift

Teens consider significance of gift-giving


For many students participating in the holiday season, the season also comes the stress of who to give gifts to and what to get them. Not everyone has a huge budget for gifts.

Homecoming tropical theme enables cultural appropriation


For Berkeley High School’s upcoming Tropical Homecoming Dance, it’s clear where the cultural appropriation crosses the line and where it doesn’t.

Someone looking at a wardrobe of Polynesian cultural clothing

Homecoming theme sparks debate over cultural appropriation


On November 5, Berkeley High School student leadership is holding a Homecoming dance, which will take place at the Donahue Gym. The dance will have a tropical theme, in collaboration with the Polynesian Club, according to Drew Henderson, junior class president and lead organizer of the event.  Henderson described how the students in charge of

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BHS college counselors reflect on college costs, mental health


As seniors begin to submit their first college applications, many students have started thinking about the huge costs that come with attending most universities, which include application fees as well as the actual tuition.

Youth vs. Apocalypse climate strike calls Bay Area youth to action


On Friday, September 23, students from all over the Bay Area gathered together in Oakland to fight for the environment at the Youth vs. Apocalypse climate march.

A sign for the BHS Bee Positive club

BHS club fair displays diverse selection of student-run clubs


On Thursday, September 8, Berkeley High School students had the opportunity to sign up for clubs during the annual club fair. The fair took place during periods one through three and advertised a diverse range of clubs.

A brown box with a slit on top labeled "DONATE", surrounded by dollar signs

Berkeley High School Development Group funds new CNC router for Team Berkelium


The Berkeley High School Development Group has made a six thousand dollar donation to Team Berkelium, the BHS robotics team, funding a CNC router. This has helped the robotics team elevate their creations, and allowed students to continue furthering their knowledge of engineering, according to Dirk Wright, faculty advisor to the team.

Portrayals of Cops vs. Criminals in Media


Crime shows have always been a beloved genre of television because of the suspense, action, and excitement which has always drawn in many viewers. However, not all shows in this genre are the same.

‘Bridgerton’ Season Two Commemorates South Asian Culture


It isn’t every day that a film or series makes a big enough impact on modern day culture that it becomes a cross-generational sensation. Squid Game, Euphoria, and Tiger King are recent examples that got people talking immediately after their releases.

Freshman Vivien Silas is a singer and music producer.

BHS Artist Profile: Vivien Silas


In the past, any new artist would almost always have to sign with a record company in order to professionally produce and record their songs. Nowadays, however, thanks to new online streaming services and accessible sound editing apps, almost anyone has the opportunity to create songs with music software that can be accessed from one’s

BHS Community Recommends Four Black-Authored Books


The start of February marked the beginning of Black History Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the contributions African Americans have made throughout history.

Typecasting in Film Restricts Creativity


In acting, owning a signature “persona” has become the key to success. An actor’s tendency to consistently play one type of character, regardless of the film’s context, is what we refer to as “typecasting.” While it often serves to iconize actors — for example, Al Pacino as the mafia leader and Isabelle Hupert as the

Students fight on Rally Day in October 2019.

Rise in Student Fights Points to Tension in Wake of COVID-19


For a long time, student fights have been a large aspect of Berkeley High School. Fights have been witnessed on campus and spread through social media to the point where Instagram accounts have been made just for this reason.

Will Staff Shortages Impact Rally Day?


The words “Rally Day” bring up controversy in the minds of many at Berkeley High School. Marking the end of Spirit Week, Rally Day is meant to be a time for students to gather together and show pride for BHS.

BHS students express themselves through unique clothing styles, many of which are created and influenced through social media.

Social Media Plays Major Role in Teen Fashion and Creation


Fashion is one of the central ways this generation expresses itself. Trends are constantly changing and evolving, and new styles are invented every day.

The Value of Overarching vs. Episodic Plots in Popular Shows


These days, we see more and more sequels, remakes, and reboots in the media, rather than stand-alone films. This pattern is also visible in Network Television, in the form of episodic shows or overarching plot lines.

Creativity Apparent In Lil Nas X’s New Album ‘MONTERO’


The long-awaited release of Lil Nas X’s debut album has finally arrived. Called MONTERO after his birth name, Montero Lamar Hill, this album has a total of fifteen songs and features artists such as Miley Cyrus, Megan Thee Stallion, and Elton John.