Jack Wilan

How Have Stimulus Checks Affected BHS Students and Families?


On March 11, 2021, with president Joe Biden signing the American Rescue Plan into United States law, the IRS began the somewhat tedious process of sending out a third wave of stimulus checks to the populace.

Two Sides: Viral Video Shows BFT President Bringing Daughter To In-Person Preschool


On February 27, a 45 second clip featuring Berkeley Federation of Teachers president Matt Meyer and his daughter walking into a private preschool was published on YouTube by an anonymous group of Berkeley Unified School District parents entitled Guerilla Momz.

Satire: A Modest Proposal to Fix the Online School Experience


The Berkeley High School experience is more than just slogging through your AP Biology material or understanding how the United States is a settler colonialist state with white nationalist and imperialistic tendencies.

Phi Kappa Tau is a fraternity at UC Berkeley. Fraternities sometimes walk the line between harmless fun and sexism.

‘Saturdays are for the Boys’: More Beneficial than Harmful


What is a Saturday for? To many, Saturday is a day for rest and relaxation, a day to put down the hammer and the hoe and just simply live as a human being.

Opinions on Wednesday at the Capitol


Insurrection at the Capitol Shows Us Anti-Racism Work is Far From Over Mimia Ousilas  This past summer, peaceful protests following the death of George Floyd were met with a military-like police response.

Meet the Orienteering Club at BHS


From the depths of the Berkeley High School club fair comes an activity known to only the most adventurous and alternative students. An activity centered around the idea of getting lost and then un-lost and one rumored to be the very most efficient method of earning sports credit, the orienteering club at BHS has

Badminton at BHS Offers Students Both Competition and PE Credit


Known to many as the sport with the most ridiculously named ball — the “shuttlecock” or alternatively “the birdie” — badminton has existed at Berkeley High School for a long time.

The Oaks Theatre was a popular Berkeley fixture until its closure in 2010.

Climbing Gym Set to Open in Oaks Theatre


For years, Berkeley residents have watched as the Oaks Theatre has changed from a vibrant movie viewing location, to nothing, and now, a climbing gym in progress.

Easy to play and lacking prolonged motions, pickleball is a family friendly sport that has become increasingly popular in Berkeley.

Pickleball: Friend or Foe?


Racket sports: we all know them, we all love them, but which one is best? There are many variations of racket sports. There are popular ones such as tennis and ping pong, lesser known titles such as squash and racquetball, and completely obscure ones including such games as “soft tennis,” “platform tennis,” and the Chinese

Ximena Mandujano

Artist Spotlight: Ximena Mandujano


Ximena Mandujano is a senior in Communication Arts and Sciences with a passion for dancing. Merriam Webster defines “dance” as “to move one’s body rhythmically usually to music: to engage in or perform a dance,” which is fascinating.

Conspiracy QAnon Raises Controversy Over New Movie ‘Cuties’


The new Netflix movie Cuties is rumored to be part of the global conspiracy QAnon, involving Tom Hanks, Hillary Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, and Comet Ping Pong Pizza.

When Boards Meet Games: An Introduction to Board-Gaming


“Playing a board game can also be an intense intellectual exercise that helps to grow your brain and improve your executive functions.” Who doesn’t love games?!?

This Sucks: A Review of Netflix’s 'The Kissing Booth 2'


I struggle to find the words to sufficiently describe the crime that is The Kissing Booth 2. When I say it is bad, I mean horrendous; when I say horrendous, I mean unbearable.