Jill Moniz teaches at Cragmont Elementary

Teachers across Berkeley take on second jobs to make ends meet

With the cost of living steadily increasing throughout the country, many teachers rely on second jobs during summer break to make ends meet. According to federal data from the 2020-21 school year, 16.8 percent of public school teachers work second jobs outside of the school system in addition to teaching.

A sunbaked road in CA shows the heat waves that swept through the country this summer.

Extreme summer weather: Students face an irregular climate 

At 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 8, Linden Koshland awoke to a sharp knock at her grandmother’s front door. It was a nightwatchman from the neighborhood, informing residents that a massive fire had started east of downtown Lahaina, Maui.

Student puts phone in pocket within a BHS classroom

BHS teachers unify against the use of phones within classrooms

In the third year of full in person learning, Berkeley High School teachers have continued to adjust and adapt their classroom practices. Walking into class on Wednesday, a larger proportion of the student body saw the classroom phenomenon phone holders.

Karl Kaku juggles work on multiple computers at his classroom desk.

Low pay, mental toll: Examining the ramifications of office hours on teachers

“The days I’ve saved for tutoring, I usually finish at about 4:45 p.m. or 5 p.m. and then I either have to drive an hour home or I have to take BART, which takes an hour as well.

People asking questions while looking at a pie chart and graph.

BUSD School Board discusses funding, climate literacy, SPED

On Wednesday, May 3, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board convened and discussed topics including Climate Literacy education and showcase, budget cuts for the Responsibility, Integrity, Strength and Empowerment program, the low funding for Berkeley Technology Academy, and updates on the funding and development of the Special Education Program.  The Climate Literacy

Lenka Simon serves as a student representative for the committee.

BSEP election for representatives; students note lack of clarity

On April 26, an online ballot was released to elect the student representatives for Berkeley Schools Excellence Program/School Site Council. BSEP is a local tax in Berkeley that funds things such as smaller class sizes, technology, music programs, and libraries, among many other services for Berkeley schools.

Joe Biden standing in front of question marks and an American Flag.

Berkeley High students reflect on Bidenís reelection campaign

On Tuesday, Apr. 25, 2023, U.S. president Joe Biden announced his 2024 presidential reelection campaign through a promotional video on Youtube. Any Berkeley High School student born on or before November 5th, 2006 will be eligible to vote for the first time in the 2024 presidential election.

A scissor cutting a 100 dollar bill.

BUSD to face additional budget cuts due to lower enrollment

During the April 26th school board meeting, board members discussed the Berkeley Unified School District school budget for next year and the years following.

Someone is working on a robot that has the name of the robotics team, which is Berkelium.

BHS robotics takes seventh place at international competition

On April 19, the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology international robotics competition kicked off in Houston, Texas. The Berkeley High School Robotics Team, Team Berkelium, qualified for the final round of the competition among the top 28 teams in the world, and ranked seventh place among international competitorss.

A hand in a grey sleeve is pressing an elevator button for the first floor.

BHS admin strive towards comprehensive ADA accessibility

When the fire alarm sounds, thousands of Berkeley High School students flood through crowded hallways, with little more than a few inches separating bodies.

A student in front of a projector is presenting to a group of middle schoolers in front at a table.

BHS Stop Harassing Presents on Consent

Over the past week, Berkeley High School Stop Harassing, a student run organization aiming to eliminate sexual harassment and assault at BHS, has been sending students to middle schools around the Berkeley Unified School District to give presentations on consent.

Official Election Handbooks displayed at the 2023 Election Meet and Greet.

2023 Berkeley High School election results

On March 31, the Berkeley High School 2023 election results were announced in an email shortly after the end of school. The election that had taken place on March 28 was participated in by 70 percent of the student body.

Trump handcuffed with money labelled hush in his hands.

BHS reflects on the implications of President Trump's indictment

On Tuesday, March 30th after former president, Donald Trump, was arrested in New York, he became the first former president ever indicted with federal crimes.

A Black woman reading a book.

African American Success Framework begins development

The African American Success Framework is a project adopted by the BUSD Board in 2022. The framework is described on the Berkeley Schools website as “a written document that expresses the district’s and community’s view of the strengths, opportunities, and challenges present for African American students,” and aims to create a plan to dismantle

Offical Election Handbooks displayed at 2023 Election Meet and Greet.

BHS 2023 Election Convention features diverse array of platforms

The following speeches were given by prospective school board representatives. This position is currently held by Ian Segall who sat as a panelist for this portion.

Sittin next to the football feild, the BHS Mural Club

BHS Mural Club promotes re-use center

“It was a really fun experience, painting and designing something that everyone can see and enjoy,” said Taylor Kelso, a freshman at Berkeley High School.  During February 18-20, 2023, the BHS mural club painted a mural aimed towards promoting re-use at BHS according to the club’s president, Carina Nottingham.  “We were inspired by the beautiful

An excavator at People

People's Park case awaits court decision

In the ongoing controversy over the People’s Park project, construction has come to a halt indefinitely, and will not resume until the legal battle is resolved.

Martin wrote the book with her father.

‘Freedom! The Black Panther Party’ authors present at library

On March 2, the writers of the novel “Freedom! The story of the Black Panther Party,”  Jetta Grace Martin and her father, Waldo E. Martin, presented at the Berkeley High School library.