Benjamin Nathan is a Berkeley High School wrestling coach and 11th grade math teacher

Then and Now: BHS Teachers in Athletics

Benjamin Nathan, a Berkeley High School wrestling coach and 11th grade math teacher, attended North Springs High in Atlanta, Georgia. Nathan played on his school’s wrestling and tennis teams for all four years and participated in football as well.

Youth organization Waterside Workshops anchors local kayakers in supportive communities.

Students at BHS Learn Trust While White Water Kayaking

“The first time I went in a kayak was on a small, calm lake with my dad and brother,” said Haley Goetting, a Berkeley High School senior. “We were just paddling around and shooting each other with water guns.

Athlete Profile: Luca McKerley Coronado

Luca McKerley Coronado is a senior in Berkeley International High School on the boys varsity baseball team. McKerley Coronado started playing baseball at four, inspired by his father and grandfather.

‘Power, Prestige, Privilege:’ Pillars of BBQ Club at BHS

    “[The Barbecue Club wanted] power, prestige, privilege. They wanted all the benefits of being part of the club and none of the responsibility or accountability of being tied to one of the most visible aspects of rape culture on campus,” said Angela Coppola, a Berkeley High School social studies teacher in Academic Choice

Conversation on Menstruation: Athletes Tackle Taboo Topic

When Anna Eisen, a swimmer and water polo player at Berkeley High School, was younger, nobody on her swim team talked about periods. Since it was never discussed, “[Eisen] had no idea how to deal with [her] period as a swimmer.” She said, “I used to skip a week of practice every month because

BHS Wrestlers Learn to Drop Weight Responsibly and Safely

In the weeks leading up to a tournament, stepping onto a scale is an everyday ritual for wrestler Paola Bedolla Garcia, a Berkeley High School junior.

Athlete Profile

PHOEBE WELLS is a senior in Berkeley International High School and a captain of the Berkeley High School diving team. Wells is driven, dedicated to both athletics and academics, and is currently aiming to earn the International Baccalaureate  diploma.

The mysterious BHS mascot, Jac, performs the splits in Donahue Gym.

Beneath the Suit: BHS’s Beloved Mascot

Dressed head to toe in black and yellow and covered in fur, the Berkeley High School mascot sticks out among the athletes and the cheer team during BHS sports games.

In Conversation: Athlete and Her Mentor

G’azelle Dewitt-Henderson, a Berkeley High School junior in Arts and Humanities Academy, is a member of the cheer team. Dewitt-Henderson sat down with Tiffany Sutherland, the BHS cheer coach and Dewitt-Henderson’s female role model in sports, for a conversation about mentorship and growth.

Scaled Scoring Enables Unconscious Bias

Passionate sports fans cannot resist offering their opinion when it comes to the outcomes of their favorite teams. When their team doesn’t win, fans are quick to blame the judges, accusing them of bias or error.

Megan Melgaard will step into the role of BHS head swim coach starting this season.

Megan Melgaard, Seasoned Athlete, Is New Swim Coach

This year, Megan Melgaard, a seasoned athlete, swimmer, and coach, is excited to share her knowledge with students as she begins her first year as a Berkeley High School head swim coach.

Athlete Profile: Jackie Dai

Jackie Dai is a senior in Berkeley International High School and captain of the boys badminton team. He discovered his passion for the sport after taking a badminton class at Berkeley High School his freshman year and found he was “naturally kind of gifted [at badminton].” Dai improved on techniques such as grip,

Freshmen Athletes Experience Their First BHS Season

As Berkeley High School enters its final season of sports and says goodbye to some of its beloved athletes, BHS also welcomes a new generation of Yellowjackets to the field.

Destiny Evans, a BHS senior, goes to shoot during the February 10 game.

Senior Night Games

Spirits were high on February 10 as Berkeley High School’s girls varsity basketball team decisively closed out its season in a game against Oakland High School, winning 64-22 on their senior night.

The African Diaspora Dance Program, which put on its 53rd winter show on December 2, offers a safe environment for students.

African Diaspora Uplifts Dancers of Color

The Berkeley High School African Diaspora Dance Department changed its name in 2020 from the Afro-Haitian Dance Department in order to encompass “all the countries where African Black people have been in this world,” Dr.

Single Season Sports Become Year Round

Many athletes, including students at Berkeley High School, train, play, and practice year-round in order to be competitive. To succeed in BHS’s soccer program, many players like Academic Choice sophomore Finn Gohlke, who plays on the BHS boys varsity team, play outside of the winter season.

During lunch, students snack mid-soccer game on the Jacket field

More Than Just a Field: Lunchtime Eats and Athletics at BHS

Berkeley High School’s diverse community is exemplified through the different hobbies and activities that take place on campus. This includes the group of students regularly found partaking in sports on the Jacket field at lunch.

Freshman basketball player Manav Rai’s injury is examined during a home game.

Injuries Influence BHS Team Mentality

At Berkeley High School, the wide variety of sports lead to a wide variety of injuries for athletes, all of which have implications for entire teams. One of the main support centers for injured athletes is athletic trainer Lauren Small