Illustration of women doing different sports.

Oversexualized uniforms on women's teams harm atheletes

From being oversexualized in media portrayals, to being treated with a lack of respect in professional settings, obstacles are constantly being launched at women in everyday life.

Photo of Oona Capristo

Athlete Profile: Oona Capristo

“Play with no doubt,” is Berkeley High School junior Oona Capristo’s motto as a dedicated softball player of ten years. As a female athlete, Capristo noted that the sports environment doesn’t always prioritize competitiveness among girls.

Berkeley and Dublin players run down the field at Jacket stadium.

Women's lacrosse bests Dublin

On March 7, 2024, Berkeley High School girls varsity lacrosse faced off against Dublin High School. This was the first time the team had played against Dublin in three seasons, so coach Jess Seggman was unsure of what to expect.

A hockey player skates on the ice at the Oakland Ice Center, one of the few ice rinks in the Bay Area.

Limited access hurts female hockey players

In the diverse sports landscape of the Bay Area, opportunities to play a wide variety of sports at different levels of competition are abundant. However due to the lack of ice in the Bay Area, the ice hockey community is noticeably smaller than those of other sports.

Woman going for a layup as the next generation watches.

Bay Area gains its first two professional women’s teams, inspires athletes at BHS

This year, the Bay Area welcomed its first professional women’s team, sparking a wave of empowerment for young athletes, especially girls. Bay FC, a women’s professional soccer team in San Jose, has recently become part of the National Women’s Soccer League and played their first game on March 17, 2024.

Shiella Paredes-Akimoto plams to move to Japan to wrestle next year.

BHS women’s wrestler makes it to states

On Thursday, Feb. 22, girls wrestling captain Shiella Paredes-Akimoto competed at the state championships. It was a three-day long event held at Mechanics Bank Arena in Bakersfield, California.

Boys soccer won four games to be declared champions.

BHS boys soccer declared North Coast Sectional champions

After finishing second in their league, the Berkeley High School School boys varsity soccer team advanced to the first round of the North Coast Sectional Division 1 playoffs, having only lost two games in the regular season.

Athlete Profile: Tilda Koven

Tilda Koven, senior and co-captain of the Berkeley High School womens’ crew team, is not the first in their family to be a rower. “Most of my dad’s family has rowed or still rows,” they said.

Girls soccer joins together in a community huddle.

Winter Senior Nights

The Berkeley High School girls soccer team played against Piedmont on Feb. 9 for their senior night. The game ended in a tie, 0-0,  placing them second in their league.

A student is swinging a badminton racket.

Excitement for badminton grows at BHS

Badminton at Berkeley High School is not the same today as it used to be. Badminton was often regarded as a no-cut sport or as a way to get easy PE credits.

Zariyah King

Black Athlete Spotlight

Zariyah King is a junior and guard for the Berkeley High School girls’ varsity basketball team. While she and her family were living in Georgia, they lived across from a basketball court where her brother would take her to play with him.

Senior Oliver Gill winds up for a dangerous free kick.

Critical boys soccer game against O’Dowd ends in 0-0 draw

On Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024, Berkeley High School boys soccer faced off against Bishop O’Dowd High School. This was a vital game for the team, as they had already lost to O’Dowd earlier in the season.

BHS students practice in their home gym.

BHS wrestling bests Hayward and Tennyson in home meet

On Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2024, the Berkeley High School wrestling team had their only home meet of the season in the Donahue Gym. The team fought against Tennyson and Hayward High School and claimed their ultimate victory, beating both schools.

Juniors Sebi Minn-Murray and Elouan Pecson set up a soccer camp for kids last summer.

Coaching younger kids allows athletes to build connections

Student-athletes are always searching for ways to improve at their sports. It’s been said that there is no better way to get better at something than to teach other people what you already know.

Proper pregame meals serve as crucial fuel for athletes

Preparing for games involves not only physical training but also careful consideration of a pre-game meal. Athletes need this crucial fuel to optimize their performance on the field.

Freshman Sylva Roubinian is grateful for the support she

BHS underclassmen learn, grow, and develop on varsity 

With a substantial number of student-athletes at Berkeley High School, athletes trying out for school sports often must compete for a spot on a team. Varsity teams usually consist of upperclassmen, who generally have the most experience with a sport, with limited spots for underclassmen

A BHS student tackles a climbing route.

Climbing grows in popularity across BHS

Rock climbing has emerged as an increasingly popular sport in recent years, both outdoors and even more so indoors at climbing gyms. According to, by the end of 2020, there were 580 indoor climbing gyms in the U.S.

Sad girl alone while other people hug each other in the background.

Social hierarchies in sports impede growth

In the world of sports, a subtle social hierarchy may exist among athletes on a team, emphasizing excellence. Falling short can affect an athlete’s ability to fit in on a team.