An elementry school studen facing pressure from COVID

Elementary schoolers face in-person learning, behavior setbacks


As a result of over a year of distance learning, younger students have been hit hard by learning setbacks. The Brookings Institute reported that across the United States, math test scores dropped more when compared with students who had experienced other significant disruptions in learning, such as those evacuated following Hurricane Katrina.  Many Berkeley teachers

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BUSD admin, staff respond to COVID-19 cases at BHS


Correction: This article has been edited to correct information that has now been verified.   The Berkeley Unified School District COVID-19 dashboard shows that in December 2022, 91 cases of COVID-19 were reported at BHS.

Student collects an at-home COVID-19 rapid test at BHS front office.

New COVID-19 Policies: Optional masking and at-home testing


As Berkeley High School gears up for the 2022-2023 school year, the administration prepares to control the spread of COVID-19, given the high rates of transmission.  “What we know from the district, that sets out a COVID safety plan for all of our sites, is that we’re trying our best to go back to

A group of BHS students pose in a C-Building hallway without wearing masks.

District Lifts Mask Mandate as COVID-19 Spread Decreases


Over two years ago, on March 12, 2020, California announced an official lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the mask mandate for California has come to a partial end.

Anja Ball

BHS Plans to Support Students Using COVID-19 Relief Money


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the educational challenges it brought, the state of California has given school districts relief money to use as they choose.

Pritchard and Williams teach in BHS

AFAM Department Weathers COVID-19


Dawn Williams and Spencer Pritchard, both teachers in the African American Studies Department at Berkeley High School, had a vision for the department.

School Board Talks Black History Month, COVID-19 Measures


At its February 2 meeting, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board convened to commemorate this year’s Black History Month and review future steps regarding COVID-19 policies including mask mandates, testing, and employee vaccination requirements.

In-class COVID-19 tests are administered to students twice weekly by volunteers.

New Policy Offers Students Two Weekly COVID-19 Tests in Class


Starting on January 26, Berkeley High School recently implemented an optional COVID-19 surveillance testing plan that aims to test all 3,100 students twice per week.  According to Principal Juan Raygoza, over the first four days of the testing schedule, BHS administered 3,809 rapid tests and identified 22 positive cases.

A box of COVID-19 rapid tests

Students Need At-Home Rapid Tests to Fight COVID-19 Surge


Since Berkeley High School’s return from winter break, there have been more empty desks and missing teachers. This is no surprise, given that COVID-19 case counts across the country are surging due to the highly transmissible Omicron variant.

Students walk past a sign directing mask usage

How is Berkeley High Responding to the Omicron Variant Surge?

In the past few weeks, over 300 students attending Berkeley High School tested positive for COVID-19, due largely to the surge of the Omicron variant and increased rapid testing in Berkeley Unified School District.

School Board Responds to Safety Concerns Amidst Omicron Surge


The Berkeley Unified School District School Board held its first meeting of 2022 on Wednesday, January 5. Due to the Omicron variant’s spread across the United States as well as Berkeley and its public schools, the meeting focused on how the district is handling this COVID-19 surge.

Given the rise in Omicron cases, many students are concerned about returning to campus after winter break.

Despite Increase in Omicron Cases, BHS Returns in Person


At the beginning of this school year, there was no guarantee that classes would continue to be in-person. It was uncertain if masks would be required for the whole year, and many worried over the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak at school.

Students fight on Rally Day in October 2019.

Rise in Student Fights Points to Tension in Wake of COVID-19


For a long time, student fights have been a large aspect of Berkeley High School. Fights have been witnessed on campus and spread through social media to the point where Instagram accounts have been made just for this reason.

Teachers Grapple with COVID-19 Sick Leave


One morning, Berkeley High School teacher and career advisor James Dopman woke up with a sniffle. In a normal year, he would have shrugged this off. After all, he felt relatively fine and had a history of allergies.

Omicron cases have been rising in the Bay Area. BUSD must consider improving safety measures like mask-wearing and distancing.

BHS Must Up COVID-19 Precautions Due to Rising Threat of Omicron Variant


Students limiting who they’re in contact with, mask recommendations changing, and COVID-19 cases increasing — this feels all too familiar.  The Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus has sent the world into a new state of panic, making Bay Area communities reconsider how they have handled in-person education in the era of COVID-19.

BFC and the city provide free health services to unhoused people, including vaccinations.

Berkeley Free Clinic, City Offer Vaccines to Unhoused People


Unhoused people face many challenges surrounding receiving medical care in traditional health settings, such as high costs, stigma and discrimination.

BUSD School Board Debates Vaccine Mandate at 9/22 Meeting


​​At its September 22 meeting, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board discussed topics such as a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for eligible students, Latinx and BLM resolutions, and Berkeley High School’s sports teams’ need for accessibility to their gyms.

Delta Variant Complicates Concert Going


Berkeley High School ninth grader Zoe Glass pushed her way through the crowds at an outdoor Jonas Brothers concert on Friday, August 27. With her mask on and an intention to keep distanced from others, she said she took precautions to ensure she was safe and felt comfortable.