School Board Covers Teacher’s Wages, BSEP Budget

On Wednesday, May 4, Berkeley Unified School District’s School Board met to discuss growing class sizes, wages among teachers, and the Berkeley Schools Excellence Program’s budget.  After acknowledging Asian American and Pacific Islander History Month, the board opened up the microphone for public comment, with nine members of the webinar sharing their thoughts. 


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Beauty and Time

An ethereal magnolia dances in the wind. It sways and bows as its petals pirouette and its leaves sashay. As the magnolia laughs, tickled by the wind, it frees a petal.

COVID-19 Data

The Jacket is tracking pandemic data in the Berkeley Unified School District during the surge caused by the Omicron variant.

More Data

Coronavirus Coverage

In-class COVID-19 tests are administered to students twice weekly by volunteers.

New Policy Offers Students Two Weekly COVID-19 Tests in Class

Starting on January 26, Berkeley High School recently implemented an optional COVID-19 surveillance testing plan that aims to test all 3,100 students twice per week.  According to Principal Juan Raygoza, over the first four days of the testing schedule, BHS administered 3,809 rapid tests and identified 22 positive cases.


Athlete Profile

When Sienna Prak-Perry first began playing lacrosse in sixth grade, she was one of few players of Asian and Black descent on her team. At that age, she believed that she was an outsider in the Berkeley Bear Lacrosse community.

Jade Terry-Jones and Nataly Garcia practice hitting.

BHS Softball Suffers Defeat vs. O’Dowd

Berkeley High School’s girls varsity softball team took on Bishop O’Dowd High School on the evening of May 12. The match concluded with O’Dowd winning 3-0 against BHS, who put up a good defense, but didn’t counterattack offensively.

Crew To New Jersey Nationals

On April 24, for the first time since the pandemic shut down athletics, the Berkeley High School crew team was able to compete in the Scholastic Regionals against fellow Bay Area high schools.

The Solano location of West Wind Schools is open for instruction.

Martial Arts In a Modern World

Shortly after World War II, something new was introduced to the American mainstream: martial arts. With high value placed on tradition and discipline within these ancient practices, maintaining heritage while moving to the US proved difficult.


Artist Spotlight

For Berkeley High School junior Konani Chinn, art has always been their fundamental form of self expression, regardless of the medium. “I don’t have a kind of art, I just create when life inspires me,” they remarked.

Rap Culture Impacted By Queer Celebs

Rising hip hop artist Isaiah Rashad broke his silence on the highly publicized controversy over his sexuality at his performance at the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.  In February, a sex tape was leaked, allegedly depicting Rashad with other men, intended to ‘tarnish’ his reputation.