Social media proves a poor diagnostician


News has become much more accessible to the world through social media and technology. Social media users are bringing up information about mental health and other real world problems online.

The chess spot served as a community hub.

City shuts down chess spot on Telegraph


The corner of Telegraph Ave. and Haste St. in Berkeley is a historical place, steeped in meaning. It was previously known as “Cody’s Free Speech Corner,” after Pat Cody, the late owner of Cody’s Books, which resided on Telegraph Ave.

In speaking with Chris Kindness Award founder Alan Ross, and students and teachers at Berkeley High, we explore how our community can come together to spread positivity through small, daily acts of kindness

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Interviews were conducted by Miriam Reichenberg and Zazie Duchene, and the episode was edited by Julia Brimmer. Taylor Renaud narrated.


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Weird History: Great Moon Hoax

Fake news has taken over the internet in the past few years and it can be impossible to tell what’s true and what isn’t. In a 2016 survey, 89 percent of Americans reported that fake news had at some point caused “a great deal of confusion” about basic facts.



Berkeley Copwatch Investigates Possible BPD Arrest Quota

In November of 2022, recently fired Berkeley Police Department officer Corey Shedoudy leaked a series of texts from the BPD Bike Task Force. These texts included officers joking about a hypothetical disease that could wipe out the homeless population in Berkeley and alluded to a possible arrest quota that had been established within the

A new graduate going to college of the back of a letter of reccomendation.

Letters of rec process overloads teachers

“Out of all the 50 letters of recommendation that I wrote, I was happy to write all 50, and I think that each student deserved a great letter of recommendation,” said Erin Smith, a Berkeley High School Biology and Integrated Science teacher, “(but) at the same time it’s a ton of extra work that I


Controversy of online quizzes

Who am I? This is one of life’s greatest questions, inspiring works of art, revolution, spiritual practices, and many ethically ambiguous self-help authors.   Humans are constantly trying to figure each other out.

Voice acting: 'An intricate performance'

Voice acting is an entirely different world to navigate from on-screen acting, although many similarities exist between the two. Some voice actors are hired simply to breathe, with Sean Kenin, an American film and television actor, as one example.


A BHS player carries the ball against Irvington High School.

Fall sports postseason recap and review 

All Berkeley High School cross country teams had a successful 2023 season, earning first place in the West Alameda County Conference league. According to BHS senior Mason Mullen, “We’re just the fastest we’ve ever been.” In California, it is notoriously difficult to make it to the state cross-country championships because California is one of