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Independent Study allows athletic freedom


“The path that I’m taking right now is the most sure pathway to go play as a professional soccer player,” said Simon Diagana, a Berkeley High School senior who switched into Independent Study to play for the San Jose Earthquakes Major League Soccer Academy team.

Model minority myth in sports: How does  this impact Asian student athletes at BHS? 


Estelle Handa “I think when it comes to being a ‘model minority’, that shows up more in academics,” said Estelle Handa, a junior and tennis player at Berkeley High School.

An illustration of a balance with a person on either side

Late athletic start: Daunting but rewarding


For some sports, success is rooted in talent and physique, while for others it is diligence and time. Simply put, there are some sports where it is nearly impossible to be good if you do not start engaging with them at a young age.

Personal Attacks or Harmless Gossip? When BHS Instagram Accounts Go Too Far


Students caught sleeping, making an ugly eating face, or parking badly may find themselves awarded 15 minutes of fame at Berkeley High School. This notoriety is thanks to the student-run Instagram accounts that are unofficially affiliated with BHS, such as @bhs.slump or @berkeleyhighfits.

Simone Biles Inspires BHS Athletes to Examine Competitive Mindset


The Olympic Games, being one of the most complex and most watched sporting events in the world, immediately gives a huge platform to its competitors. When athletes make choices outside of the norm, an insane flurry of media coverage follows

Two Sides: Viral Video Shows BFT President Bringing Daughter To In-Person Preschool


On February 27, a 45 second clip featuring Berkeley Federation of Teachers president Matt Meyer and his daughter walking into a private preschool was published on YouTube by an anonymous group of Berkeley Unified School District parents entitled Guerilla Momz.

Social Media Reactions to Capitol Riot Shows Previous Lack of Accountability for Hate Speech


Shortly after the storming of the United States Capitol on January 6, social media platforms sprung into a flurry of the most overt action against white supremacy and hate speech.

We Can Learn From 2020, and We Must


2020 was a year where conflicts, protests, illness, twists, and turns overlapped and intertwined, creating a web of movements and events that are easily lumped under one title: 2020.

Harmful Sports Myths Perpetuate Wealth Inequality


In four quarters, nine innings, or 90 minutes of a sports game, viewers are presented with a fierce and enthralling competition that is yet another glorification of the American Dream.

Tali Bojdak-Yates, a senior in Academic Choice, has been running at Berkeley High School since he was a freshman.

Athlete Profile: Tali Bojdak-Yates


Tali Bojdak-Yates, a senior in Academic Choice, has been a Yellowjacket runner since his freshman year, and is currently the boys captain of the Berkeley High School cross country team.

How Will Low-Income Youth be Impacted by the Loss of Sports During COVID-19?


From living rooms in the Bay Area, viewers absorb countless “saved-by-sports” stories, cheering for the character who didn’t go to juvie because of the football team, the person who is able to go to college because of their sport, or the people who find purpose and meaning in being a part of the athletics program.

A community fridge in West Oakland is home to a variety of food options for local residents.

Organizations Combat Uptick in COVID-19-Related Food Insecurity


Refrigerators on sidewalks and street corners labeled with handwritten signs reading, “Free Food, Comida Gratis,” and hosting cornucopias of various food items have been popping up around the Bay Area.

Hispanic Engineers and Scientists Club Works to Diversify STEM


With Hispanic people constituting 20 percent of the United States population, the fact that they make up only 5 percent of employees in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields is concerning.

A COVID-19 testing facility at the Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Center in Berkeley.

Where to Get Tested, Meals for Students, and More Relevant Resources


State of California COVID-19 Testing Viral testing through the state of California is offered in Berkeley at the Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Center at 1730 Oregon St.

Shayla Avery (left) and Ultraviolet Schneider-Dwyer (right) look up at prospective mural location.

BHS Students Plan Uplifting and Powerful Mural


During a time when nothing feels certain, two Berkeley High School students have hatched a plan to make change by creating something lasting. In June 2020, Shayla Avery, a senior in Academic Choice, reached out to Independent Studies senior Ultraviolet Schneider-Dwyer with an idea to create a mural at BHS that would

YEAH! Struggles to Find Affordable Space Amidst Rising Costs


The future is unclear for Youth Engagement Advocacy Housing, the city of Berkeley’s solitary youth homeless shelter. Currently located at 1744 University Avenue in the Lutheran Church of the Cross, the shelter may be forced to relocate due to increases in rent and diminished space of their one building.  YEAH!

Two people walk across a bridge in South Berkeley

Students Join Together to Create a Greener South Berkeley


Moving South Berkeley Forward, a local group made up of Berkeley High School and University of California, Berkeley students, is working on converting a section of the old Santa Fe Railroad, which used to run through Berkeley, into a green area for the community.

Uncertain Future for High-Rise Projects in Downtown Berkeley


Nine years after the Berkeley zoning law allowing 18-story buildings was passed, four years after City Council approved the building plans for one specific development fitting those requirements, and after a back and forth about whether the plans will be executed, the future of 2211 Harold Way is still uncertain.