BHS fashion is a blend of past and present

Fashion trends are inherently cyclical. Whether it’s the 90s or the 2000s that are back in style at the moment, they’ll always come and go. The clothing that students wear at Berkeley High School on a daily basis has endless inspiration from past decades.

Controversy of online quizzes

Who am I? This is one of life’s greatest questions, inspiring works of art, revolution, spiritual practices, and many ethically ambiguous self-help authors.   Humans are constantly trying to figure each other out.

Voice acting: 'An intricate performance'

Voice acting is an entirely different world to navigate from on-screen acting, although many similarities exist between the two. Some voice actors are hired simply to breathe, with Sean Kenin, an American film and television actor, as one example.

Family YouTube channels: Unethical and require regulation

Of the many categories available on YouTube, family channels have consistently been one of the most popular. Channels like “The Ace Family,” “Family Fun Pack,” and “The Labrant Fam” all have over ten million subscribers.

Movie camera shining light on book.

Book to movie adaptions: A lengthy and complicated process

Exploring book to movie adaptations goes beyond just critiquing: there’s a world of complexity behind the process of adapting literary works to films.

BHS Talent Show performers gather on stage.

Students perform in dynamic talent show

The 2023 Berkeley High School Talent Show was filled with laughs, song, dance, and surprise original raps. Families, friends, and students arrived at BHS’s Little Theater on Thursday, Nov.

Illustration of Priscilla Presley

‘Priscilla’ reveals the reality of Elvis Presley

In Sophia Coppola’s new film “Priscilla,” a 32-year-old Elvis proposes to a 22-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu. He doesn’t get on one knee, and he doesn’t ask her if she’ll marry him.

Legacy of sitcoms: Comfort, familiarily, and a lack of diversity

In light of “Friends” TV show star Matthew Perry’s death, news outlets, magazines, and even podcasts have been looking back on the golden age of television, asking if it’s come to an end or entered a new and more diverse era.

Members of the crochet club begin a project.

Crochet Club Spolight

“It’s teaching people the skill that they can use and take away whatever they want from it, but mainly just the ability to do it and having something that they can do with their hands,” said Aleka Vavloukis, who runs the crochet club here at Berkeley High School.

Computer monitor covered with caution tape

The issue with canceling  streamable shows

Streaming services should not jump to conclusions before canceling TV shows. Show fanbases grow over time, and when new series that are growing in popularity get canceled, it can be really upsetting to viewers.

The BHS Jazz Ensemble performs in the Little Theater.

Jazz Ensemble holds vibrant concert, shares musical passion

The Berkeley High School Jazz Ensemble started off their concert season with a spirited performance on Thursday Oct. 26, 2023 at the Florence Schwimley Little Theater.

Illustration of a superhero being held up by ropes while flying on a computer.

CGI vs. practical effects: Impacts on the authenticity of film

The use of CGI has skyrocketed over the last few decades, making it easy to forget that it hasn’t always been a part of the film industry. However, some filmmakers continue to stick by original practical effects and animatronics.

‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ has a fractured and confused tone 

There are few cultural fixtures as bizarre as “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. Starting in 2014 as a phone and PC game developed by a single person, the indie series was elevated to its current smash-hit status by YouTube content creators like Markiplier and MatPat.

Old movie camera with pumpkin on top of it

BHS holds  student horror film festival

On Halloween, Berkeley High School showed  short horror films made by students at a film festival in the little theater. Amanda Marini teaches media classes at BHS and has been looking for a way to broadcast her students’ work.

Illustration of hearts coming out of a book and floating near three people

Media love triangles draw teen viewers in

Tropes are a fundamental aspect of romance novels, whether it’s friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, grumpy x sunshine, or forbidden love. However, there’s one trope that is suffocatingly popular and just as chaotic: the love triangle.

Illustration of three of the main characters in the show Sex Education.

Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ season four is raw and heartwarming

The Netflix original, “Sex Education”is back with its fourth and final season. And once again, creator Laurie Nunn has executed an emotionally complex storyline that not only offers the characters the chance at closure, but draws in the reality of life’s unexpectedness and new change.  This season returns to focus on fans’ familiar beloved characters,

There are musical notes surrounding a piece of paper, and below it, there are 2 stacks of monetary bills.

Concert prices skyrocket, is it still worth it?

The prices of concert tickets have been significantly increasing in the past years, and it’s getting to a point that is ridiculously expensive. In the early 2000s, the average price of a concert ticket was under $50.

Illustration of Martin Scorsese with flowers around him.

Groundbreaking Scorsese film exposes historical injustices

On Oct. 20, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Lily Gladstone, will begin showing in theaters. The Martin Scorsese-directed film is heavily based on a true story from Oklahoma in the 1920s, following a series of murders of the Osage people, over oil money.