Analisa Appleyard, BIHS junior

What was your relationship like with social media over the summer?

BHS junior Analisa Appleyard had a generally positive relationship with social media this summer, “I think was pretty good! It was cool seeing everybody’s trips and where they went, and it was really fun to see everybody doing fun things.”  “I wasn’t really active over social media during the summer.

Girl thinking of two people kissing with a heart lit on fire.

Smut in YA books: Explicit sexual content draws split reactions

“Icebreaker” is a relatively new book that’s gone viral across social media. It’s a steamy love story that follows a competitive figure skater and her relationship with a hockey player, who goes to her university.

Kea Morshed pretending to take a photo without a camera.

Artist Spotlight: Kea Morshed

Kea Morshed feels making films has been very therapeutic for him. He describes how, “Because I write most of my films, whether I like it or not, they always represent what was going on in my life at that time in my head.

Illustration of Karl Lagerfeld with sunglasses with flames in them and flashing lights behind him.

Controversial Met Gala theme spurs celebrity and fan outcry

On May 1, 2023, the annual Met Gala was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The theme was Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty. Celebrities from all over the world came to the Gala dressed “In Honor of Karl,” which varied from dress and attire simply inspired by his style to celebrities actually dressed

People marching with signs behind a cracked computer.

Writers Guild fed up with low wages and AI

“We must now exert the maximum leverage possible to get a fair contract,” reads the announcement by the Writers Guild of America, regarding the strike that started May 2, approved by over 98 percent of its members.

Illustration of Groot, a tree man, and Rocket, a racoon leaning on each other.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Volume. 3’ makes a splash in theaters

It’s no secret that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s recent productions have grappled with controversy. Their latest release, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

Person sitting in front of a computer editing a video.

BHS first Beyond the Cut Film Fest makes a cinematic splash

On Wednesday, May 3, teachers Amanda Marini and Philip Halpern stepped out onto the Little Theater’s stage to introduce Berkeley High School’s first ever Beyond the Cut Film Festival.  The films shown were produced by students over the course of this year, in classes like Art of Video Production, Advanced Studio Editing, and both years

A picture of the artist holding one of their works.

Artist Profile: Miles-Wang

Art has become an increasingly competitive and critiqued field, with higher level classes demanding pieces fit impossible rubrics, and colleges looking for criteria within creativity.

A woman celebrity being called a diva, juxtaposed with a man celebrity being praised.

Divas: The double standard female celebrities experience

Humans have fawned over celebrities and the outlandish things they do for centuries. The celebrity lifestyle has become a fantasy for everyday people, so why is anyone surprised when female celebrities make unreasonable demands to uplift themselves?

Dance Production shows took place on April 28 and 29.

Dance Production celebrates past, present

Berkeley High School’s Dance Production class has been working all semester on their final performance, which took place on April 28 and 29. The theme of the show was “Looking Back to Moving Forward”, and it included 10 pieces that ranged from hip-hop to interpretive dance.

A student leaned over a white board working with film negatives

Film photography thrives in Berkeley classrooms, communities

“When we started out, we were one of a number of labs,” said Andrea McLaughlin, the owner of Photolab, a digital and film photography processing lab located in Berkeley.

Three movie actors, illustrated, with a TV and a car in frame

Four must-watch AAPI directed movies

CHAN IS MISSING The first Asian American directed movie is ultra-indie. Made on a budget of $22,000, shot in black and white, and with less-than-stellar audio quality, it’s a miracle “Chan is Missing” ever got made.

Chess.com consumes BHS student body, gives new life to game

The 2022-23 school year at Berkeley High School has been unique in the rise of in-class casual gaming. Wordle, Touchgrind Skate, and FIFA Mobile have all passed through, leaving little in their tracks.

Courtesy of Universal Pictures

‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ relies on references, lacks plot

The 1993 movie “Super Mario Bros.” is the worst film ever made. It’s indescribably bad, baffling at every turn, banishing everyone’s favorite Italian-American plumbers to a disgusting, live-action, fungus-infected New York City.

Girl reading book on a trash bin

The evolution and history of Trashy books

Reading is generally regarded as an intellectual activity. However, highly sensational literature that features formulaic characters and shocking plot twists has had success for decades despite not being considered of the highest quality.

Dancers rehearse choreography during lunch.

​​African Diaspora dance class explores Black female identity

“This dance really characterizes what Black women went through,” said African Diaspora dance teacher Dawn “Doc Dub” Williams, speaking on Djouba, a Haitian dance being taught in the African Diaspora Dance class this year.

A man with a TV head on the screen of a laptop.

Outdated film and TV must opt for disclaimers over removal

Thanks to the rise of streaming platforms, old movies and TV shows have been given a second life with a new generation of viewers. Series like “The Office”, “Friends”, and “Breaking Bad” are very popular with young people, despite premiering before some of their fans were even born.

Kathleen McLoughlin hugs Anna Eisen after promposing.

Revival of promposal sparks competition

Boom boxes, big signs, and bare chests painted with the letters P, R, O, and M. These are all hallmarks of an average day in March at Berkeley High School during promposal season.