Marisol Marcucci holds up a necklace she made.

Female artists at BHS who do commissions

Many artists at Berkeley High School have found a way to turn their art into a commission-based form of income. Prints, jewelry, crochet, and digital art are all mediums in which students offer their services.

"Dune" sequel may be better than the first

Since the first novel’s publication in 1965, “Dune” has become legendary, seminal sci-fi. Renowned for its intricate and outlandish worldbuilding, the book is so dense with rich conceptual work that it was originally published serially as eight separate volumes, before being re-edited into the final product.  2021’s “Dune Part One” covers about half of Frank

Person showing their Nintendo switch and 3ds

Lack of equality in video games

The gaming industry has been around in some form since the end of the 1970s and has evolved greatly over the last 50 years or so. One of the biggest changes has been in gender participation.  The gaming industry has seen a rise in female gamers, reaching about 45 percent of gamers in the U.S.

Three people light up by a spotlight.

The need for gender-inclusive award categories in Hollywood

Since the first Academy Awards in 1929, the categories for leading or supporting actors have been separated by gender. In a typical year, men vie for the award of best actor, while a woman gets best actress.

The oscars award

2024 Academy Awards: Unexpected entrances and emotions

This year’s Oscars, held on Sunday, March 10, offered a refreshing dose of light-heartedness, humor, and genuine appreciation. Hosting the night’s event was Jimmy Kimmel, who balanced humor with a touch of snarkiness, complemented by heartfelt moments and witty banter.

Several cassette tapes and CDs rest on a table.

Viewers no longer own the movies they buy

Let’s say you want to purchase a movie in the early 2000s; you head to a Blockbuster store, buy a DVD, and proceed to head home. For the rest of your life, that DVD is your very own property.

BHS drama and stagecraft collaborate on dynamic production of

BHS drama and stagecraft collaborate on dynamic production of 'Urinetown'

The Berkeley High School Florence Schwimley Little Theater was filled with color, song, dance, and applause as the cast of Urinetown performed their second of five shows on Saturday, Feb.

Exhibition attendees admire AHA students’ work.

AHA Art Exhibition shows variety of styles 

Berkeley High School’s Arts and Humanities Academy’s Art Exhibition on Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024 showcased the AHA student body’s adeptness and dedication toward their craft.

An illustration of different art supplies.

Opportunities for young artists in the Bay

For years, the Bay Area has been a place of artistic opportunity for many budding artists. Yet while it’s common enough to see adults on the local theater stage or sharing their work in galleries, it’s also important to offer these opportunities to young people.

Art classes at private and public schools: Differing experiences

While Berkeley High School is the only comprehensive public high school in Berkeley, there are 148 private schools in Berkeley. Various factors distinguish student experiences in public schools from those in private schools, such as funding, technology, location, and class size.

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Warner Bros. guts movies for tax write-offs, harms industry

Samy Burch has written two feature films in her career. The first, “May December” debuted on Netflix last November, and is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Crunch culture in animation industry impacts work conditions

Animation, as an industry, has faced a lot of change since the early days of shows like “Steamboat Willie.” These changes have manifested due to advances in both technology and, for better or for worse, workplace standards.  The animation and VFX industry is a very lucrative one, currently valued at $181.3 billion with projected growth,

Submissions open for BHS Film Festival

“People should come see the show,” said junior Sophie Jacobs, a member of the Berkeley High School Film Festival Club. “We have a lot of talented people at the school, and our film program is really great.

Redwood Literary Magazine publicizing themselves at the Club Fair.

Redwood Literary Magazine helps student writers find their voice

Redwood Literary Magazine, a BHS student-run organization that publishes short stories and poetry, has just released its latest issue. Redwood publishes a new issue each quarter, offering a safe space for young writers to express themselves creatively.

The cast of "Urinetown" belts out a song together.

'Urinetown': A modern musical, soon to come to the BHS stage

“Urinetown” is a play set in a future world where intense drought has led humans to share a communal toilet, with laws prohibiting individuals from owning private toilets.

Photo of Cord Jefferson.

‘American Fiction’ review

“I see what you’re doing,” Thelonious “Monk” Ellison’s agent says about half an hour through “American Fiction,” a new film from writer-director Cord Jefferson based on the 2001 book “Erasure.” “Good, because it’s not subtle,” Monk retorts.  This is the joke of “American Fiction,” wherein Monk, a Black academic and novelist facing financial

Illustration of a person smoking and holding a gun.

Controversy of the Blaxploitaiton genre

The 1970s saw the rise of an entirely new movie genre, quickly capturing the public’s attention. Movies from this genre began to feature Black casts and protagonists, challenging Hollywood’s history with predominantly white casting.

Illustration of a Grammy award.

66th annual Grammys Awards in review 

The 66th annual Grammy Awards took place on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2024. With popular comedian Trevor Noah as the host, comedic relief was sprinkled between rounds of surprise, excitement, and disappointment.  Dua Lipa opened the show with the debut performance of her song “Training Season” and then “Houdini” with flashing and psychedelic lights.  Despite the