Nina Morasky

Sneidher and Darien, 11 and 10, are cousins who get to visit their family in La Palma for one week a year. Both watched their parents separate and move far away from each other. Sneidher lives with his father a few hours from his sister and mother. Darien lives with his mother on the coast and is no longer in contact with his father. Sneidher has an impeccable sense of humor, is out-going and loving. Darien is quiet, sensitive and selfless. Both dream of visiting the United States to meet family members who have immigrated.

The Leon-Stellers


In the small town of La Palma, Costa Rica, the Leon-Stellers welcomed me as a member of the family. Rural Costa-Rican life is slow and simple. Family is the core of life, and people are most content when surrounded by loved ones.