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The Berkeley High Jacket Podcast features exclusive interviews and in-depth reporting on local and national issues from the perspective of high school students.

The Buzz

The Berkeley High Jacket Podcast

The Buzz

The Berkeley High Jacket Podcast

The Berkeley High Jacket Podcast features exclusive interviews and in-depth reporting on local and national issues from the perspective of high school students.

The Buzz: Let's Be Friends

Welcome to this year's first episode of The Buzz! For the 2023-24 school year, we’ll be featuring in-depth discussions and interviews about topics that matter to our community.

The Buzz: Out into the World

As the school year comes to a close, The Buzz asked seniors to share their high school memories, from the everyday and mundane to the big and memorable. What will they miss? What will they take with them as they move forward?

The Buzz: Destination, Berkeley High

Students commute to school in all different ways. For today’s episode, we spoke with students about how getting to school can sometimes be frustrating or relaxing, eventful or mundane. Whatever the case, the destination is always the same– the crowded, diverse, spirited halls of Berkeley High.

The Buzz: Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) culture has had a huge impact American society. From K-Pop bands to everyday streetwear trends, there are parts of AAPI culture everywhere. In this episode, The Buzz interviewed students about the impacts it has on their own lives, through food, entertainment, fashion, and music. 

The Buzz: Staying Centered

What keeps students centered outside of school? The Buzz spoke with two Berkeley High students about their interests in beekeeping and open-water swimming, respectively, touching on fulfillment and mental health.

The Buzz: Black History Month at Berkeley High

In this episode, the Buzz spoke with students and teachers about their perspectives on Black History month, what gaps students have in their knowledge about the month, and what improvements can be made to better acknowledge its significance.

The Buzz: Subbing In

When students walk into a classroom and see a substitute teacher in their teacher’s place, they may feel relief and excitement, or disappointment. In this short episode of The Buzz, we talk with students and substitute teachers to get a better understanding of what classrooms are like when the teacher is out.

The Buzz: Making Music

This episode profiles two Berkeley High School student musicians, Vivien Silas and Dexter Griffin. 

The Buzz: Relationships and Mental Health During the Holidays

The various relationships with others that we have throughout our lives can have a massive effect on us and our mental health. To better understand these impacts, the Buzz spoke to students, staff, and experts on the way these relationships play out during the holiday season. 

The Buzz: The Sounds of Red and Gold Day

Red and Gold Day, or Rally Day, is a tradition at Berkeley High. In this short episode of The Buzz, we speak with a safety officer, an administrator, and many students, as we capture the sounds and sights of the spirited day. 

The Buzz: Halloween Nostalgia

As Halloween approaches, The Buzz asked Berkeley High students and faculty to share their memories and thoughts, from costumes to candy trading, and everything in between. 

The Buzz: Latinx Experiences at BHS

From Spanish immersion experience to cultural celebrations, the Buzz spoke to Latinx students at BHS about what connection to their culture looks like for them, and what role it plays in their mental well-being.

The Buzz: Music and Emotions

At Berkeley High, many students choose to listen to music during passing periods, at lunch, and even in class. Music is fun to listen to, but it can also help to regulate our moods, remind us of happy memories, distract us from negative emotions, and connect with others. On this week’s episode of the Buzz, as we continue to explore the theme of mental well-being, producers Miriam Reichenberg and Sofia Rodriguez talked to students about what music means to them, and how it helps them process their emotions.

The Buzz: Lunch Culture at BHS

During the 40-minute lunch period at Berkeley High, the 3,000-plus student body can be found eating practically everywhere, both on and off campus. Jacket Podcast producers Miriam Reichenberg and Sofia Rodriguez spoke to students about lunch culture, setting out to understand more about the social dynamics and challenges that play out during lunch. 

The Buzz: What BHS Students do for Self-Care

As Berkeley High welcomes students back onto campus for the 2022-2023 school year, many are feeling overwhelmed by starting school. The best way to manage all of this? Take care of yourself and recognize your needs so that you can be at your best. Jacket Podcast producers Miriam Reichenberg and Sofia Rodriguez spoke to students about what they do to practice self-care. 

People Behind BHS: Cafeteria Workers

This episode was produced by Clara Brownstein. It was written by Clara Brownstein, Aelia Gyger, and Sophie Horvath, and interviews were also conducted by Jeremy Herpin and Miriam Reichenberg. This episode was edited by Asha Baudart-Gehlawat. You can find more episodes and coverage of the Berkeley High community at our website,

People Behind BHS: Safety Officers

Safety officers are an integral, but often overlooked, part of Berkeley High School. This episode delves into their experiences during the pandemic and return to school, day-to-day jobs, and relationships with students.

Distance Learning Across the Country

Jacket editors Estella Zhou and Naomi Birenbaum speak with students at high schools in Chicago, Connecticut and New York about their experiences with distance learning.

The Jewish Experience

Rachel Alper, Naomi Birenbaum, and Sophia Whyte interview members of the Berkeley High community about their experience being Jewish at the school.

Vaping at BHS

This episode takes an in depth look at the issue of teen vaping through interviews with members of the Berkeley High community and drug policy expert and advocate Ethan Nadelmann.

Charlotte Walker

Host Arvin Hariri interviews Charlotte Walker on her modeling career.

BHS Go Ahead Shred

Arvin Harari talks with Matilda Hallowell about Go Ahead Shred.

Men's Varsity Soccer

Host Arvin Hariri interviews BHS Men's Varsity Soccer players on the soccer season.

BHS Meet Program

Members of Berkeley High School's Mental and Emotional Educational Team (MEET) in discussion with host Arvin Hariri.

Interview with Melina Fike

Host Arvin Hariri speaks with Melina Fike about Vote 16, Youth and Government, and college application season.