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Chess.com consumes BHS student body, gives new life to game


The 2022-23 school year at Berkeley High School has been unique in the rise of in-class casual gaming. Wordle, Touchgrind Skate, and FIFA Mobile have all passed through, leaving little in their tracks.

Lil Yachty abandons his SoundCloud roots in ‘Let’s Start Here’


On Jan. 27, Lil Yachty opened the listening party for his surprise new album, “Let’s Start Here,” with the words that many eclectic fans of modern music have been forced to hear again and again: “I really wanted to be taken serious as an artist.” He continued with, “Not just some SoundCloud rapper, not some


Berkeley storms reach unprecedented levels


Berkeley kicked off 2023 with a wet winter storm of unprecedented proportion. The city’s streams have grown many times in size, water has been overflowing out of most gutters, and thunder and lightning have become a part of the average school day.

Student Make up of the camp

School board: STEM camp, literacy action, bell schedule reform


The Berkeley Unified School District Board convened on the evening of Wednesday, October 12. Topics included a STEM maker camp for rising seventh to ninth grade BUSD students, a literacy settlement to support students with reading, and the controversial bell schedule redesign process.