This page contains a partial list of recent awards the Jacket has received from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA), the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA), the Journalism Educators Association of Northern California (JEANC), and others.


CSPA Gold Medal


CSPA Gold Medal
CSPA Silver Crown


NSPA Pacemaker, Finalist
NSPA Critique, First-Class with Two Marks of Distinction
CSPA Silver Medal
CSPA Silver Crown


CSPA Gold Medal with All-Columbian Honors
JEANC Best of Show, 3rd Place


JEANC Best of the West, 3rd Place
CSPA Silver Medal
CSPA Silver Crown
NSPA Critique, First-Class with Distinction for Presentation


NSPA Online Pacemaker, Finalist


JEANC First Place for Editorial Writing (Annual Contest)
JEANC Two Honorable Mentions for Design (Annual Contest)
NSPA Online Pacemaker Winner
CSPA Silver Crown (Website)

About the Awards

CSPA Medal Awards

Based upon a numerical score accompanying a detailed critique of the year’s newspapers. All-Columbian Honors offered in one of three categories for special recognition.

CSPA Crown Awards

The highest honor offered by the CSPA, these awards are separate from the medal awards (above). There is no numerical score; it is a holistic evaluation of the year’s newspapers and is offered by a panel of judges to the very best newspapers received.

NSPA Pacemaker

Referred to as the “Pulitzer Prize” of scholastic journalism, approximately 15% of the few hundred entries are finalists for the award with the top 10% receiving a Pacemaker. Awarded after a holistic evaluation of the newspapers by a panel of judges.

NSPA Merit

Based on a numerical score from a detailed critique with distinction offered in a variety of areas.