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Eric Soto

NASA Prepares New Launch: Project Artemis

Project Artemis plans to make history for American astronauts and rocket engineers, but is met with some pushback from the US government.

Helen Kibel

Coping With COVID-19: Art

Doodling and other forms of art are helpful for those struggling to pay attention during online classes.

Leila Yokoyama

Classical Music Critics On L. Beethoven

Arooj Saleem

MLP: The Woman I Admire

Helen Kibel

Coping With COVID: Athletics

BHS students reflect on the role of exercise in relieving stress from the pandemic.

Kai Teigen

Small World: Genocide in Myanmar

Leila Yokoyama

Historical Women In Classical Music, Part II

Helen Kibel

Coping With COVID-19: Pet Adoption

Rates of adoption have skyrocketed during quarantine, and for a good reason.

Ellora Mookherjee-Amodt

On the Shoulders of Giants: Kamala Harris

After decades in politics, Harris has become the first African American, Asian American, and woman to be the vice president of the United States.

Eric Soto

Rachel Carson, Founding Mother of the Environmentalist Movement

The release of 'A Silent Spring' in 1962 catalyzed the beginning of the environmentalist movement.

Leila Yokoyama

Historical Women In Classical Music

Whether they knew it or not, these three women changed the world of classical music.

Isadora De Liberty

Mixed Race Community and Representation

The BHS Multicultural Student Association explores the value of cross-cultural understanding.

Jose Mauricio Sierra Romero

Black Latinos and the Prejudices Within Mexican Culture

Kai Teigen

Small World: Labor Advocacy in India

Ellora Mookherjee-Amodt

Shirley Chisholm: A Black Woman Who Dared to Fight

Sephora Brevil

MLP Column for Black History Month

Kea Morshed

Understanding Why Berkeley Schools Need to Reopen

Eric Soto

Dr. Washington Carver, From Slave to Scientist

Washington Carver’s crop rotation technique made growing cotton more lucrative for poor farmers.