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BHS Stop Harassing

BHS Stop Harassing Collaborates With Green Dot

Alec Westland-Hurwitz

Broadway HD Opens the Door to Stream Countless Theatre Productions

The streaming platform provides everything from Shakespeare plays to Broadway theatre, including the revived version of Falsettos, the musical.

Liko Smith-Doo

How the Reconstruction Era Failed

Former Confederates regaining control of the South and ending Reconstruction in 1877 led to today's extreme political polarization.

Luce Collymore Abbas

The History of Chicanx Fashion

The cholo subculture, born from a resistance to assimilation, is where many current fashion trends, like baggy pants, short tops, and big hoop earrings, originate.

Alec Westland-Hurwitz

“In the Heights” Grapples with the Pursuit of the American Dream

The musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda uses elements of salsa, merengue, and hip hop in portraying the lives of members of the Latinx community in Washington Heights.

Latinx Unidos

We Must Acknowledge Afro-Latinx Contributions in Our Community

Whilst celebrating the rich cultural heritage that exists in the Latinx community, we must not forget the stories and experiences of Afro-Latinx people.

Leila Yokoyama

Hispanic People in Classical Music

In this column, Leila Yokoyama examines how Hispanic people have gained recognition in classical music over time.

Arooj Saleem

Introduction to BHS’s Multilingual Program

The Multilingual Program provides support for students learning English and has a diverse cultural community.

Liko Smith-Doo

Grim Periods in US History Inspire Optimism for 2020

In this column, Liko Smith-Doo discusses three grim moments in American history that should give us hope for perseverance through the difficulties of our current nation.

Leila Yokoyama

The Importance of The Youth Orchestra

In this column, Leila Yokoyama discusses the role of orchestras as opportunities for community and growth for young musicians.

Body Positivity Club

Building a Relationship with Your Body

The co-presidents of the club share the best ways to practice self-acceptance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luce Collymore Abbas

How Fashion is Changing our Climate

In this column, Luce Collymore Abbas discusses the environmental impacts of clothing made from genetically modified cotton.

Alec Westland-Hurwitz

‘Shrek: The Musical’ Doesn’t Disappoint

The filmed production doesn't just have catchy songs and witty dialogue, it sends an important message of self acceptance.

Liko Smith-Doo

Who Controls Confederate Monuments?

Luce Collymore Abbas

2020: Reinventing Style

Leila Yokoyama

Dead People’s Music

Alec Westland-Hurwitz

Give My Regards To Broadway

Quarantine hasn't been easy for lovers of the performing arts

Lauren Huang