At 12:41 PM, all 3,000 BHS students flood out of their classes to get lunch. Some make their way off campus to buy lunch, others go to the cafeteria to get free school lunch. Some wait by the student-dubbed glass doors for their friends to make their way through the mass of people to the doors so they can get lunch.

As the students pile out of the glass doors, they take over the intersection of Kittredge and Milvia, causing vehicles to be stuck at the intersection for minutes at a time.

The sidewalks near BHS usually become overwhelmed during this time, so students and other pedestrians are forced to use the bike lanes as walkways.

Meanwhile, students who remain on campus start to eat their food, either from the school or from home.

The stairwells in the C Building provide the limited seating space inside of the classroom buildings, making them popular seating areas for students who want the warmth of being inside without the noise of the cafeteria.

Students commonly review class work during lunch, optionally with help from their friends in similar or same classes.

Oori has become a popular restaurant for students to get food from, mainly for their efficiency, and Student Bowl, which gives them a sizable meal for a fair price. Since its opening, the line during lunch hours has only continued to grow and grow.

Tamon Tea is the rival to Oori, with them both selling Onigiri, and thus also has a long line. However, its lack of staff makes the wait for more complicated orders besides the premade Onigiri take significantly longer. It makes up for this wait by having lower prices than its competitor, along with a larger variety of drinks.

Top Dog has been around since the beginning of time it seems, and its low prices and monopoly on hot dog restaurants in the local area make it a favorite to this day. Students commonly find pastimes while waiting for their food, some conventional, some unconventional.

Seating in the heart of downtown Berkeley is limited, so students are forced to use bus stops as seating.

Civic Center Park is also a common seating area, due to its large spaces of grass and ledge surrounding the city hall building. A simple sign is the only attempt by the city to prevent students from using the ledge as seating.

Entry to the school after lunch is sometimes difficult, since many of the doors are locked during lunch preventing re-entry. However, waiting for someone to come and open the door from the inside remains a reliable solution.

The campus green can be seen at lunch covered in groups of students due to its abundance of seating and shade.

Some days, it is too cold to sit in downtown Berkeley, so students who go off campus to get lunch decide to return to campus to eat with their friends.

The glass doors are the most common entry point for students that go off campus. However they are locked from the outside during lunch and the school day. Waiting for a student to open the door from the inside is viable. This in turn has led to a courtesy of holding the door for the person behind you to prevent them from being locked out.

In Photos: Lunch at BHS