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Wide Array of Short Films Captures the Bay Area’s Breadth of Cinematic Talent

When full movies are just too long and all the storylines seem to drag on, consider checking out the Berkeley Video Film Festival. The East Bay Media Center, only a couple blocks from Berkeley High School, is screening a collection of films created and produced by all kinds of filmmakers. These movies are a great way to spend weekends, and are definitely a safe choice when looking for something to watch.
There are many films being screened, and they’re so different that everyone can find something to love. Some are student films, while others are made by more experienced filmmakers.
Given the high quality of the films being screened, it’s hard to believe that some of the creators of these short masterpieces are only a couple of years older than the students currently attending classes here at BHS. The cinematography was outstanding; each film had its own individual style that clicked with the storyline and added to the overall amazing piece.
For example, the short film Prisoner, a heartbreaking yet beautiful film about an unlikely friendship during World War II, was captivating and gut wrenching, but with a darkly comedic streak to it. The way it was filmed completely enriched and complemented the story. On the lighter side of things, Takanakuy, which follows a suburban family practicing an old Peruvian tradition that involves serving justice through fist-fighting, is filmed in a faster, more amusing fashion. Lend a Hand For Love is a whimsical film that has amazing animation, unlike anything in today’s movies. xIt’s a combination of illustration, animation, and live action. The mixture of those cinema techniques would seem like an awkward fit, but it turned out to be quite the opposite, the film flowed together spectacularly.
It was visually stunning, and the story kept a fluffy and sweet tone throughout the movie.
Each film yields an experience unlike the highly processed Hollywood films give. The films in this festival come directly from these students and filmmakers. Each movie is unique, creating its own identity which is developed astonishingly fast, considering the small amount of time the films last.
These original films are something that aspiring filmmakers should definitely not miss. The Berkeley Video and Film Festival takes place at the East Bay Media Center’s performance space at 1939 Addison Street on the weekends of October 28 and November 4.
Berkeley High School students shouldn’t miss this incredible opportunity!

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