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Second Semester Gives Seniors Opportunities to Finally Relax

By Lucy Yama

The relief felt by seniors after finishing their first semester finals comes with the annually dreaded fear of teachers: senioritis. The term senioritis is defined as the “supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school, most significantly characterized by a decline in motivation or performance in school.” As second semester begins, teachers worry that seniors will lack focus, attendance, and curiosity in school. However as seniors submit their last college applications, finish finals, and turn in their final projects, it’s only reasonable to want a break from the responsibility high school entails.

Often times teachers become increasingly strict, which can end up pushing students to care less about their studies. While homework loads and tests usually decrease during second semester, expectations for students rise. What could be called by many as a lack of motivation, is often just a lack of understanding from teachers. Pressure on students during the college process has been significantly higher in recent generations, and students are expected to cram as much as they can into their schedules. With all things considered, seniors should be given some leeway when it comes to second semester.

We should think of [the end of high school] as a time when students can be kids for the last time.

As a society we often push students to the extreme. On top of homework, studying, sports, and other extracurricular activities, it’s hard to stay calm with the mounting pressure of college. There’s nothing wrong with letting go of that pressure and responsibility after you’ve worked hard.

Many students sacrifice other aspects of their life and become closed off as the academic rigor of high school increases. As students await college admissions decisions, it’s healthy to focus on the happier parts of life as well to relax in order to not get anxiously caught up.

Senioritis doesn’t have to be characterized as a lack in motivation in school. We should think of it as a time when students can be kids for the last time. As seniors will move on to college and part ways, being with close friends, spending time with family, and making your final childhood memories may sound cliche, but actually is important.

With all that said, as students we should be reasonable as well. Weekly homework is still feasible, as well as attending classes on a somewhat regular basis.

It’s also important to respect the time and effort teachers here at BHS sacrifice for our education and benefit. Taking care of your responsibilities will in turn reduce your stress, and you can focus on just having fun. For all the seniors, let go of some of that pressure even if you sacrifice percentage points.

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