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Word on the Street: Where Do Students Get Their Fashion Inspiration?

Where Do Students Get Their Fashion Inspiration?


Raphaella Laurence, a sophomore in Academic Choice (AC) says when it comes to her style, she likes to be herself. “Some days I’m like emo, and other days I’m like ‘Let’s dress up fancy’ and then other days I just want to wear my pajamas. I don’t really do much else other than have my own brain.”

Zoe Tseng, a senior in Berkeley International High School (BIHS), finds media to be a great source of fashion inspiration. “I kind of dress quite differently everyday. I don’t have a certain aesthetic I follow, but I just take inspiration from different things I see in everyday life.” Tseng is also sustainable in her shopping

Mordakai Heming, a junior in the Academy of Arts and Humanities (AHA) says he likes more of a 90’s look. He also appreciates older shows for inspiration. “Just vintage in general. I watched a lot of shows over quarantine like A Different World and stuff, and I really really like how they dress.”

Siena Van Der Poel is a junior in AC. Her style is unique, with impressive eyeliner and gravity defying hair. “I take inspiration from mostly 80’s trad goth and I also really like Victorian gothic looks, and all my clothes are either thrifted or hand me downs from my mom or my aunt.”

Jada Graham is a junior in Communication Arts and Sciences (CAS). They get their fashion inspiration from a variety of places, notably more recent media outlets. “I think I get inspo from a lot from social media and movies, like Instagram or Pinterest or TikTok.”

Anderson Moore, an AC junior, “I wear a lot of Spiderman merchandise. I love the cinema of superhero movies so I’m a really big fan of the most recent Batman trilogy and I’m looking forward to the next one, so I’ve been wearing a lot of Batman merchandise.”