Word on the Street: Have You Ever had a Crush on a Friend?


Maya Hill, a senior, said, “I had a crush on my best friend.” She told her and ended up being rejected. In response to the rejection, however, Hill said, “I think that it helped me move on, because if I hadn’t told her I would’ve kept thinking about it without doing anything.”

Adrienne Melodia

Nolan Whitehill

Adrienne Melodia has had a crush on a friend a couple of times. Her most significant experience was in sixth grade, when she had a crush on a girl who was straight while Melodia identified as gay. “I never really told her about it. I just tried to become closer friends with her.”

Sevan Minassian-Godner

Nolan Whitehill

Sevan Minassian-Godner “waited until the last minute of the year and I texted (my friend).” Responding to how he felt about being rejected, he said, “It was just a beautiful, great experience. Honestly, that’s something I would recommend all around.”

Mia Skoble

Nolan Whitehill

Mia Skoble had a crush on their best friend in eighth, ninth, and part of tenth grade. “I was really sad, and I thought that it was bad to like your best friend like that. And then finally, in ninth grade, I told them over text.” Skoble asked if the friend liked them back, and the answer was no. “We just kept being friends, and we still are.”

Cassian Evans

Nolan Whitehill

Cassian Evans, a freshman, said “I did actually have a crush on someone I was pretty close friends with.” They also told their friend, and ended up staying friends with them.

Molly Franklin

When asked what came of their crush on a friend, Molly Franklin replied, “We’re dating now. We were best friends for a while, and then they said they liked me, and now we’re together.”